Tonsillitis In Dogs

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How did my dog get Tonsillitis?  What are the causes,

                 How is this treated?


Tonsillitis is a very common disease in human beings. However, since dogs have tonsils they too are prone to tonsillitis although such cases are very rare and occur mostly in small breeds of dogs like the Maltese dogs.  Tonsils are not a disease in itself. It is actually a part of some larger disease. Just as a person also gets fever as part of chicken pox, similarly a dog also gets tonsillitis as part of throat infection or inflammation and such other diseases. Chronic vomiting or production of cough from the mouth due to other reasons would lead to an inflammation of the tonsils in small breeds of dogs like the Maltese and hence lead to the development of tonsillitis in them.tonsillitis in dogs

There are few common signs and symptoms which are particular to pets and animals that develop tonsils. Some of those symptoms are:

  • A dog can gag sometimes due to the pain that he experiences in his throat. One can relate this pain to the common sore throat that a person has.
  • Animals can be seen trying to swallow something repeatedly. They feel that something is stuck up their throat and want to get it down as fast as possible as it causes them discomfort.
  • Some animals may be seen to lick their lips continuously as well.
  • Many times due to the inflammation and pain the animals refuse to eat anything. They might be served food or they might even go near their food bowls when they are hungry but actually cannot eat any food due to the pain that they experience.
  • It is noticed that tonsillitis however does not cause any fever among those who have it.

If you happen to have a smaller breed of dog like the Maltese, information about the treatment of their tonsillitis is not very difficult to find from your vet. Nevertheless, some of the common treatments are:

  • Anti biotic are given to ease out the inflammation
  • Anti-inflammation medicines are also given sometimes.
  • In case there are dental problems attached to tonsillitis then the teeth should also be cleaned by a dentist.
  • Removal of the tonsils completely is a very rare step taken in fighting tonsillitis. It is in fact the last advice given in any circumstances.

Thus it is important to look for the above signs and ask your vet regarding which of the methods would be appropriate to treat the tonsillitis of your pets.






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