Tips on Travelling with your Maltese Dog

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Tips To Make Sure Your Journey With Maltese Remains Memorable


One of the best ways to unwind yourself and your pooch is to go for a long vacation.

courtesy of Sparky Gunjaca

courtesy of Sparky Gunjaca

One has a choice to spend some time to explore another country or on the beach. Best and ultimate way one could really enjoy a vacation is by having a perfect companion. Because of their curiosity, dogs have always been a good companion to travel with.

When you travel with a dog, it is always a smart way to bring a better dog to avoid future troubles. A Maltese dog is a good and loyal companion to travel with. They can be easily carried because of their small size. Roughly standing ten inches high at shoulder, Maltese weighs less than seven to eight pounds.


Listed Below Are Some Tips For Travelling With Your Maltese

1. A seat made specially for Maltese dog is one of the best ways to make them comfortable. This helps them to look out of the window and also provides much more security than being in your arms.

2. Some dogs might get more stressful when they are riding in a car. A simple solution to such incidents would be an all natural herbal add on for these little Maltese.

3. Try to get out for a short walk or a potty break, every 2-3 hours is a great addition for a memorable car trip. Everybody needs a little bit of exercise or fresh air.

4. Carry essential clean up supplies like a waste scoop, plastic bags, odor and stain remover, and even a dog hair remover.

5. Carry fresh home water with yourself when travelling with your Maltese dog as some may get an upset stomach as a result of not being used to other type of water.

6. Don’t let your Maltese feel bored. Bring the favorite toys of the dog as well as some treats for them to chew to help them pass the time.

7. Avoid from getting caught on a road with a dog suffering from tummy troubles. Plenty of supplements are available on the market that treat motion sickness.

8. Very few of the dog owners know that a proof of rabies vaccination is necessary when you cross country or state borders. It is also wiser to have your Maltese with an ID collar, containing your cell phone number or home address in cases where the dog makes a decision to have a trip that was never planned.




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