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  • Maltese Got Talent

    Maltese Got Talent

    Maltese Dog says Meow!   Yes she actually says Meow on command! Wendy is her name and she made it to the top recently showing her talents on America’s Got Talent. Even if this is a gimmick, you must admit looks like Wendy is a Talking Maltese Dog. After watching this what is your honest opinion? Is she for real?

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  • Working Maltese Puppy

    Hey Mom, you ready for work yet, I am, Woof. Sadie Witmer has her own traveling way of going to work with Mommy today. Post by Kay Guinto Witmer.

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  • Maltese Dog With Jenga

    Maltese Dog With Jenga

      Maltese Dogs get very bored very easy, so if they don’t have anything to do, guess what, they come to you for attention and a partner to play with. An easy way to keep them busy is get the game Jenga. You will be amazed how quickly they catch on how to play it and keeps them occupied for hours…  

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  • Maltese Learning Hair Styling

    Maltese Learning Hair Styling

    Do you need someone to style your Hair today. You most likely have one in your home already, or does your Maltese or pet do the same thing as Crystal is doing here? They would love to play around in your hair and the longer the better. Oh Ouch…..

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  • I’m Serious Kitty

    I do Mean Business! Woof. There are times when our babies have to take matter in their  own hands, here is one of those times. Way to go there fluff ball. Shared by Mihaela Gunjača. Post by Mihaela Gunjača.

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  • Good Mornin Maltese Starz!

    Good Mornin Maltese Starz!

      Iz just a little Maltese Star, meez goin to show you how I do the doggie handshake. I am not a lazy star but meez get tired sometimes. It’s not easy doing the one paw and two paw handshake as fast as Mommy wants me to do…..♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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  • Maltese Doggie on Duty!

    Maltese Doggie on Duty!

      It’s time to clean house, momma says. Meez do it the easy way, this gadget will do all the work for me as long as I tell it what to do. Woof, go there, Woof, over here. What a wonderful world of technology, woof…..♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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  • Maltese in a Pink Cloud

    Maltese in a Pink Cloud

      Meet Snowy, a baby Maltese showing off her cuteness with those big black eyes watching her toy bounce before her eyes.  

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  • Princess Grace

    Princess Grace

    Princess Grace likes to do the swimming technique, I taught her when she was just a few weeks old. Now she thinks she can swim at the dinner table too. Oh, she is a fabulous swimmer.

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  • Doggie On Duty!

    Doggie On Duty!

    Mom designated me to clean all the windows for the Holidays coming. This is the best way I know how to do it. Do your windows cleaned in your house? I only charge $10.00 an hour.

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