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  • Maltese Hides Treat

    Maltese Hides Treat

      Mom HELP! I have this treat to hide and save until later. Could you help me and put it in your pocket so big brother won’t take it from me? I hope he don’t find it until I come back for it, Mom.  

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  • Maltese Stows His Halloween Stash

    Maltese Stows His Halloween Stash

      He worked very hard in the wet and rain going from door to door last night getting his stash of Halloween treats. This morning he decided that he would like to have a taste of one of his treats. Do you have to take the whole bag, Tiger?  

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  • Maltese Loves Fruit

    Maltese Loves Fruit

      My baby has a way of telling you what she wants. every morning she starts her little dance on her hind legs until I cut up an orange and feed her some. She is determined that it must be orange cause I thought I would trick her and tried an apple, a carrot which is her favourite also, but refused them. It’s only in the mornings that she prefers an orange.

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  • Healthy Treat or Toy for any Pet

    Healthy Treat or Toy for any Pet

      Healthy Treats for a Beautiful Maltese!    If your doggie is bored and wants a little treat, this is a great way to help occupy them and all the same time they’re getting something delicious and healthy.

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  • Maltese Snack Time

    Maltese Snack Time

        Big Cookie for a Tiny Maltese   What you eatin daddy? Can I have a taste too? Crunch, crunch, yummy, yummy. Can I have some more daddy?

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  • Maltese Lickety Lick Doggie

    Maltese Lickety Lick Doggie

      I don’t have a ice cream cone very often, but when I do, I have two doggies waiting for their turn at it.  And they love it right down to the cone itself. Does your baby like ice cream? Warning, Most dogs are lactose intolerant but always check your pet to be sure before giving the ice cream.  ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥  

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  • Melon Maltese

    Melon Maltese

      On a hot summer’s day, what would be better than a slurp on a watermelon? Two Maltese Puppies getting a treat and a drink at the same time. Yum, yum….♥ ♥ ♥

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  • Doggie Yogurt Treat on a Hot Summer’s Day

    Doggie Yogurt Treat on a Hot Summer’s Day

    Easy as Pie, like Momma says, these Frozen doggie Yogurt treats will make your doggie lick till his hearts content.  1 banana; very ripe 6oz. plain nonfat Greek yogurt 1/3 cup peanut butter; no sugar added 1/3 cup add-in (we used carob chips; unsweetened) 1 tablespoon honey or agave syrup1: These treats are made with carob, a non-toxic chocolate alternative approved by the ASPCA as safe for dogs. As with any human food, dogs should only eat the ingredients in […]

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  • Maltese Dog Needs Help

    Maltese Dog Needs Help

      Little Otto is so stressed out trying to convince Daddy to put his treats closer so he can reach them easier. Check out the waggin tail!

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  • Spinning Snowy

    Spinning Snowy

    This is so cute, Snowy showing daddy how she can do the turn around 2 for her favourite treat. Way to go Snowy.

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