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  • The Maltese Master Trick!

    The Maltese Master Trick!

      We all have gone through this one time or another. But we know just how easy it is in the long run, cause we have a very intelligent breed first of all and do catch on very rapidly.  All they need from us is the consistency of allowing them out and talking to them and rewarding them when they do right. Don’t you agree. Good Luck Griffen, you will get the hang of it quickly.

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  • Maltese Dog With Jenga

    Maltese Dog With Jenga

      Maltese Dogs get very bored very easy, so if they don’t have anything to do, guess what, they come to you for attention and a partner to play with. An easy way to keep them busy is get the game Jenga. You will be amazed how quickly they catch on how to play it and keeps them occupied for hours…  

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  • Maltese Superstar-MaggieMuffin

    Maltese Superstar-MaggieMuffin

        MaggieMuffin performing basic clicker training tricks! She is a happy healthy beautiful 8 month old maltese puppy! She is entered in 2 halloween costume contests, and she is a very productive worker!

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  • Dog Opens Bottles

    Dog Opens Bottles

    His name is Popcorn, and yes he can open a plastic bottle, but it’s not for nothing, he knows there is some reward if he screws the lid off and looks inside. He is not a Maltese but as intelligent like Maltese dogs.

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  • Maltese Puppies having Stairs Fright

    Maltese Puppies having Stairs Fright

      Our little munchkins, 8 week old Maltese, got themselves in a predicament this morning, when we got up this morning, we found them half way up the stairs and needed our assistance.    

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  • Maltese Pup Education

    Maltese Pup Education

      It’s so easy to train and educated a Maltese to perform these tricks. The best part is that they are so eager to learn and show us what they can do and do it well. All it takes is some patience on our part and time,  but once learnt they never forget.

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  • Are We Guilty of Something?

    Are We Guilty of Something?

    They tell you with their body language before you know what they did…. Bubbles does her “poor me” face. She probably peed on the carpet… or scattered all her toys… or even tipped the trash can… I’m pretty sure she did something bad! I will find out soon! Does your baby do this when they do something wrong. Bridgette would act like this too, when she was younger and upset the garbage can and strew it from one end of […]

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  • Fluffy and Intelligent

    Fluffy and Intelligent

    They all know what they need to do to get that treat, Just takes a few sessions of training to teach them. Keep those treats handy and you will be amazed on what they are willing to do.

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  • Skateboarding Maltese

    Skateboarding Maltese

    Stella a 4 years old, 4 lb Maltese dog, learning for the first time to push the skateboard on her own and get on the skateboard while it’s moving.

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  • Oh No, HELP

    Oh No, HELP

    Some dogs will do what they need to do, not to get wet. I think if that was one of my babies, I would be spending some time, getting them comfortable enough to enjoy it first. What do you think?

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