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  • Maltese Playtime

    Maltese Playtime

      Maltese Dog with a Playful Carrot!   Does your baby like to throw his food around also? Maybe he wants to tire out the carrot before he makes it disappear, or maybe he thinks it’s a toy. When he gets a little juice from the carrot he most likely will enjoy eating it all up.

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  • Phantom Ball

    Phantom Ball

    This reminded me when Bridgette comes and nudges me to play with her. I will throw one of her toys and she will literally run as fast as possible to get it. But there are times when I try to fool her by making the motion that I am throwing it, just to see what she does. She is very quick though and realizes in a flash that it’s not thrown, but it’s the reaction she gives until she figures […]

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  • My Present

    My Present

    Little Bee enjoying her new Christmas Present she got from Santa. What did your fur baby get from Santa?

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  • Nikki’s Toys

    Nikki’s Toys

    A very intelligent puppy named Nikki learning to jump the rope. So cute, how she manages to get her red spotted teddy under the jump. Looks like she prefers toys that are bigger than she is to play with.

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  • Rico with her favourite toy

    Rico with her favourite toy

    This cute little 1.5 month old maltese Rica with her favourite spongebob toy, they get attached so quick with their toys. My maltese Bridgette has only squeaky toys that is her favourite. She puts them into bed and squeaks them to sleep, it is so cute to watch her being a mom to her babies. The puppy months go by too fast!! Although really, they still act a lot like puppies even when they’re full grown, and they’re always adorable! […]

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