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  • Maltese Got Talent

    Maltese Got Talent

    Maltese Dog says Meow!   Yes she actually says Meow on command! Wendy is her name and she made it to the top recently showing her talents on America’s Got Talent. Even if this is a gimmick, you must admit looks like Wendy is a Talking Maltese Dog. After watching this what is your honest opinion? Is she for real?

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  • Maltese Goes For Lunch

    Maltese Goes For Lunch

      This won’t surprise you as we already know that our breed is very intelligent. It is still so cute to watch them relay to us and sometimes they can show us very intensely what they want or thinking.

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  • Maltese Vocabulary

    Maltese Vocabulary

      A Talking Maltese   When Porkchop wants some attention or wants to say something to me this is how he talks. Do you think he gives up if I ignore him not in your life.  He is such a determined little guy you either stop everything when he wants your attention or he just gets louder and louder. This time he was telling me that he wanted down off the grooming table to play…. How does your baby talk […]

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  • Maltese Dog Goes Green

    As long as it moves, our babies find a way to have fun with it. Maltese dogs are the best friends for anyone, right. Post by Kim Newham.

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  • Maltese Flower Spa Day

    Maltese Flower Spa Day

      It’s the weekend YAY! Meez always love the weekends, cause my daddy and meez always have fun outside in the flower gardens. While daddy is mowing the yard I hide in all the fragrant flowers. I just came back from the spa so I will blend nicely with the flowers. YAY!

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  • Doggie on his Road Trip

      Have you ever seen a dog that is this excited on going for a road trip. Quincy is ready and so excited, watch…..  

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  • Maltese Doggie says What?

    Maltese Doggie says What?

      Listen very closely, I think he is saying “I Love You” If not at least he is trying very hard to communicate with it’s owner. Got to give him lots of credit for trying.  

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  • Cute Maltese Dog Talking

    Cute Maltese Dog Talking

      Woof, woof,  Good Morning fur buddies at Maltese Starz. Can I come over and play with all of you too? I will ask my mommy to make some delicious treats to bring. Arrrrrf, Coco the talking Maltese Dog.  

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  • The Stand Off

    The Stand Off

    Zoe and Bella doing their little conversation with me. They talk like this everyday when we settle down in our main room. They tell me just how much they love us but can we have a treat now? lol

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  • Grrrrrrr


    Oh Bella you are such a vampire doggie. What are you trying to tell us? You try to be so tough, but you’re really an angel in disguise. We love you Bella. Grrrr.

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