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  • Lazy Maltese Sunday Mornin.

    Lazy Maltese Sunday Mornin.

      It’s warm and fluffy, what is it? It’s cuddly and cute, what is it? It moves and licks, what is it? It kisses and makes woofin sounds, what is it? I would love to have lots and lots of these, what is it?

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  • A Maltese Alarm Clock

    A Maltese Alarm Clock

      Set your Maltese Alarm Clock! and you won’t have any difficulties in being awaken with all those licks and yips. At least you won’t need to worry about being late again for work, right. I can’t think of a better way of getting woke up, can you?

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  • Maltese Don’t Do Mornings

    Maltese Don’t Do Mornings

      Some of us just want to stay snuggled in our beds, in the mornings after a long nights sleep. Well its the same for our precious babies too. They play so hard when they are awake, so some days they do have mornings they find hard to get motivated.  

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  • Sister Maltese Protection

    Sister Maltese Protection

      When Misty’s puppies were born, Snowy’s interactions with the puppies were kept to a minimum and always directly supervised. As it turned out, Snowy became very protective of the puppies and was very careful around them when they were tiny. Snowy really wanted to get to know more about the puppies Unfortunately for Snowy, the puppies soon figured out that it is a lot of fun for them to annoy their aunt.

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  • Maltese Puppy Fluffing

    Maltese Puppy Fluffing

      Maltese Dogs needs and demands a fluffy home. Even when they just want to sit and lounge around for a while they are funny to watch when they paw and scratch the pillow or couch where they intend to settle in for awhile. Do you notice your baby fluffing up their space getting ready for some Zzzzzz’s?

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  • Sleeping Maltese Style

    Sleeping Maltese Style

      Do you own a half sleeping Maltese too? They all seem to do the same thing when they are going into slumber land. They’re thinking just in case Momma or Daddy gets out of their site they will try to stay half awake so they can see what they are up to. But they cave in and go into a deep sleep and then you hear the snoring, right?

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  • Hush Baby Sleeping

    Hush Baby Sleeping

      The Snoring Maltese Dog   I am sure all of us has heard our baby Maltese doing their sounds when they are in slumberland. This little one seems to be a bit mild, when Bridgette is in her deep sleep, her snoring actually wakes me up sometimes in the night. Do you have a loud snorer in your family?  

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  • Lazy Monday Mornin

    Lazy Monday Mornin

    It’s Monday! do you ever need some extra convincing to wake up in the morning? Maybe with some belly rubs or nose kisses would help.  

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  • Just a Maltese Puppy Siesta!

    Just a Maltese Puppy Siesta!

      There is just times in our busy day that we only need a little Maltese Puppy Siesta. When I am all refreshed I will be at your feet giving you more love and nose kisses.

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  • Maltese Doggie Dreamland

    Maltese Doggie Dreamland

      It’s so comforting to watch our babies sleeping, the positions when they are completely in dreamland. I know they hear us when we talk to them and don’t move, but just go out of the room or try going out the door all of a sudden they’re right there wondering where Momma is going.

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