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  • Maltese Tunes-R-Us

    Maltese Tunes-R-Us

      Just strike up a note and the gang will follow with their own little howl or tune. The group of Maltese Puppies are showing us what they can do when the leader strikes the Tunes-R- Us toy.

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  • Paw Christmas

    Paw Christmas

      A bunch of paw friends got together before Christmas and made their own 12 Days of Christmas Carol. Looks like they had lots of fun putting this song together at least someone did.

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  • My Maltese Song

    My Maltese Song

    Precious little Mimosa doesn’t seem to enjoy the opening chorus “Gil arredi festive giù cadano infranti” So she decided to give us her version, or at least trying…. Has your little one ever sang a tune for you? Share your thoughts.

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  • Cheer, Cheer Cheer Maltese Style

    Cheer, Cheer Cheer Maltese Style

      This cute pack of Maltese dogs got quit cheerful when a blow dryer was turned on, they likely are telling their Momma that their bark is louder than that noise when they want to cheer all together. Woof.

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  • Maltese Yamaha Singer

    Maltese Yamaha Singer

      Tuli, our four year old Maltese puppy dog, has always liked talking, and today we learned she also likes singing. When we brought the piano home, we expected the dogs to be curious about it, but we didn’t think they would use it for there own voice singing lessons. As soon as we started playing the music, our dog Tuli started singing along. We had no idea our dogs were such talented singers, and I must admit, I was […]

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  • Maltese Doggie’s Choir

    Maltese Doggie’s Choir

      A family of Maltese dogs practicing to sing in the choir in their home town. They love to run into the room when someone plays and sings along.

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  • Maltese Sings Good Morning

    Maltese Sings Good Morning

      Good Morning to you, Hope you day isn’t blue, Good Morning, good morning, good Morning to you. Arrf, arrf. The singing Maltese  

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  • Religious Maltese

    Religious Maltese

    The body flips, the ears perk, she gives a good shake then heads down to center stage for her performance. Just precious! Wow, it looks like this dog has decided what her religious views are.

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  • My Tunes!

    My Tunes!

    Hi, I am Amber and love to sing, can’t you tell? The tune that I am singing to is my favourite tune. Yes I am not as good as some but I try! Would you like to join in with me Maltese Starz? I would love you to join me in the sing a long…..

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  • Mr Roboto Tune

    Mr Roboto Tune

    Good Morning everyone! I am going to sing my Roboto Tune to you this morning. My name is Cherish and I am a singing Maltese that enjoys everything in my life just like all you fans at Maltese Starz. I don’t hold any awards for my singing only from Mommy and Daddy. I will be signing my autograph after the show. Would you like to come and meet me? I will see you after the show. Thank you, can’t wait […]

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