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  • Happy Squidget Finds His Love

    Happy Squidget Finds His Love

        A Rescue Found a Loving Forever Home. Squidget, a 2 pound part Maltese was rescued a few weeks ago in Detroit Michigan, he was found near a dumpster and willing to fight for survival. It paid off for him as now he has found Love too. What a true happy ending for another one in need.      

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  • Forty Dogs Whisked Away From Puppy Mill

    Fresh Start For Man’s Best Friend Forty dogs including Pomeranians, Maltese and Poodle mixes were whisked away from an Alabama puppy mill. Many had spent their whole life in a cage. Now they are hoping to find homes in Palm Harbor and beyond. For those interested in fostering or fostering-to-adopt, please contact Suncoast Animal League at Foster@SuncoastAnimalLeague.Org. For more information about the rescue, contact Suncoast Animal League at Info@SuncoastAnimalLeague.Org or call at 727-786-1330 FOX 13 News

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  • Rescue Love Story

    Rescue Love Story

        Monica & Chandler finds Love You will laugh, cry and totally believe there are still good people out there after watching this Rescue Video. Monica and Chandler was abandoned on the streets in Los Angeles and have a special bond between the two. People in the immediate area tried to help them but couldn’t catch them, they were very smart to say the least. Eventually Rescue from the Hart association was called in and now the are a […]

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  • I’m Serious Kitty

    I do Mean Business! Woof. There are times when our babies have to take matter in their  own hands, here is one of those times. Way to go there fluff ball. Shared by Mihaela Gunjača. Post by Mihaela Gunjača.

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  • Hope and Rescued

    Hope and Rescued

    It is believed that Mimi’s owner abandoned her after learning she was pregnant. She arrived at the Los Angeles animal shelter in remarkably good condition except that she was close to birth. Dogs Without Borders heard their call and Mimi gave birth to her pups in the home of loving foster mom, Brandie. Today, all six pups and Momma Mimi are happy and healthy and have been adopted to loving homes. They always fight to be loved again.

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  • Paw’n Boots

    Paw’n Boots

    From Rescue to a Beautiful Pup Meet Lincoln, our little rescue has transformed into a beautiful Maltese Pup, since his rescue 3 yrs ago. He is doing a very good job getting aquainted with his new boots for the first time, don’t you agree?

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  • My First Day on the Job!

    My First Day on the Job!

    Good Morning, A lot went on yesterday, as you know we have a new rescue in our midst. His name is Porkchop, so I have been elected as his Policeman. I have been in a high tec training program for this position and just got hired by Bridgette at Maltese Starz yesterday. This position I take very seriously, so if you see anyone trying to push their weight around, here is my direct line at 1-888-0Po-lice. Thank you, Sniffer…..

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  • Pet Rescue!

    Pet Rescue!

    Are you looking for a Rescue? Ginger is our 9 month old (as of 6/2013) Maltese/Poodle mix rescue that we adopted in January at 4 months old. She was rescued by PAAW, People Assisting Animal Welfare www.paaw.org, in Lafayette, LA so she is a little Cajun girl! She really rescued us as I was having a very difficult time after our 17 1/2 year old Maltese, Belle, died in October, 2012. We did some fostering and in January found our […]

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  • Remember Me-Watson

    Remember Me-Watson

    Well it’s not all doom and gloom for some of these lucky rescues. Dogs are not like humans, they get over their disabilities quickly, it’s like they don’t even have one. They live with no care in the world. When you watch these happy go lucky animals with these disabilities, you can’t help but feel humble and be ever so grateful with what we have for that day.

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  • Puppy Mills Thumbs Down

    Puppy Mills Thumbs Down

    I cant believe selling dogs and cats in petstores are still legal in a modern country like USA. Why?? Its illegal in many states but that somehow still pop up. Fortunately ads like this are helping raise awareness. By *not* buying puppies we do directly discourage them. Money is the only reason they do it & as long as people buy from them, they’ll have a blooming business. You can adopt a pet at your local animal shelter. There are […]

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