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  • Play Invitation Maltese Style

    Post by Elena Campanile.

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  • Blocked Maltese

    Blocked Maltese

    Adorable Maltese puppies playing and bouncing around trying to pick up those colourful blocks. Their favourite colour is the orange block. But having a hard time trying to pick it up. They never give up until they succeed, just one more reason why I adore this breed.

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  • Rolly Polly Maltese Puppies

    Rolly Polly Maltese Puppies

      Adorable and fluffy group of Maltese Puppies, just wanting to play and cuddle with their brothers and sisters. They way they kiss each other has to be the most beautiful thing in the whole wide world, don’t you agree?

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  • Pop, Pop, Dog Gone It.

    Pop, Pop, Dog Gone It.

      He has played with this favourite ball for quit awhile. has spent a lot of time entertaining himself and having lots of fun. But, good things never last forever. When it Popped, he couldn’t believe it disappeared. It took several hours for him to give up looking for it.

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  • All in the Maltese Family

    All in the Maltese Family

     A Perfect Maltese Family   Mommy havin fun with her Maltese family of two. They have each other to entertain themselves and have fun. It must be a lonely life for any dog if they are the only one in the family.  

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  • Family of Maltese Pups in the House

    Family of Maltese Pups in the House

      Never a dull moment with a family of Maltese Pups around playing with their toys. Just a little plastic dish will keep them busy entertaining themselves for hours. I want it, know I want it, woof, woof….♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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  • Summer Fun Maltese Doggie Style

    Summer Fun Maltese Doggie Style

      Hello ebreybody, we’re back and having loads of fun in the sun and at the beach swimming as always. Mommy and Daddy takes us to the beach everyday now. Get out and have some fun today, in the water and pool wherever you are. Woof, Snowy and Crystal. See you soon!!!!

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  • Maltese Dog vs Cat

    Maltese Dog vs Cat

    Join me in watching these 8-9 month old Maltese puppies how they tease the cat, but the cat doesn’t seen to pay any attention to them. The cat with its good temperament didn’t show any signs of wanting to join in to play but it wasn’t because the puppies didn’t try. You can tell these brothers and sisters are very bonded to each other.    

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  • Playful Bunny Maltese

    Playful Bunny Maltese

    Little playful bunnies entertaining each other, while momma is busy getting her chores done for the day. Is this what goes on in your house? Do you have to play with your bunnies (Maltese) to keep them entertained? In my house that is what I do because Bridgette and Porkchop haven’t tried to interact with each other. One of them usually comes to me when they want some attention or a buddy to through their toys so they run after […]

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  • Innocent and Exuberant!

    Innocent and Exuberant!

    Don’t you just love the way these fluff balls romp and bounce around, while being fully focused on their toy. Although these are just tiny babies, as they grow older they still have the same exuberant energy.

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