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  • Maltese Tiny Paws

    Maltese Tiny Paws

      Maltese Puppy Love At It’s Fullest!   Remember those days when you brought home your puppy. How small and sweet from day one, how that puppy breathe we all love when the time came for nose kisses. They never grow up or never give up, they just learn how to make us melt when they come near.

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  • Maltese Family At It’s Best

    Post by Gleyce Camargo Rodrigues.

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  • Maltese Tobby Know What He Wants?

    Maltese Tobby Know What He Wants?

      I know exactly what little Tobby is trying to do, don’t you? When you have owned a Maltese you get to know their body language. And Tobby is trying to entice Momma to play, don’t you think?

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  • Mixed Friends

    Mixed Friends

    Our little guys are always looking for affection, they crave to be loved and want to be friends with us all. That’s why this breed is so unique and all the same time glamorous. Do you have different breeds of puppy’s in your family?

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  • Maltese Puppy Says PLAYTIME

    Maltese Puppy Says PLAYTIME

    Good Morning everyone, woof. Sitting high on his couch by the way of his very own stairway, Little Cooper doing his cute little bark noises. Looks like he is trying to tell Dad to play, come on Dad, lets play. Woof.  

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  • Special Bonding Moments

    Special Bonding Moments

      When you feel that your love cup is getting empty cause you are run ragged with so many things that life expects from us. All you need is a little fluff ball like this one and your cup is instantly filled to the rim again. Enjoy every moment we have with these love bugs and they will perform miracles with your life.

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  • Maltese Family Romp Hour

    Maltese Family Romp Hour

      We have a new addition to our paw family, A little baby girl named Drizzle, she is just shy of 2 months old here, Misty, her Mommy are having a great time here playing with each other while daddy is over seeing that nothing gets out of hand. He has always been such a great protector…  

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  • Maltese Life Bone

    Maltese Life Bone

      This little Maltese puppy will have this bone forever, it’s bigger than the puppy itself. But again there are two of the Maltese puppies so maybe between them both they can put a ding into it before they reach maturity. Or as they all do just use it as a toy…  

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  • Maltese Hide and Seek

    Maltese Hide and Seek

      Where are you Mom? I feel you, smell you and hear you. don’t see you Mom.. I will find you, I feel you with my paws, sniff, sniff, there you are. Love you Mom, Woof.  

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  • Don’t Leave Me Now

    Don’t Leave Me Now

      Maltese Dog Is My Shadow   Violet likes to hide between the couch and the end tables. But the moment she thinks Momma is leaving the room, Watch what she does. I am sure we all can relate to this one.

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