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  • Maltese Tunes-R-Us

    Maltese Tunes-R-Us

      Just strike up a note and the gang will follow with their own little howl or tune. The group of Maltese Puppies are showing us what they can do when the leader strikes the Tunes-R- Us toy.

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  • My Maltese Song

    My Maltese Song

    Precious little Mimosa doesn’t seem to enjoy the opening chorus “Gil arredi festive giù cadano infranti” So she decided to give us her version, or at least trying…. Has your little one ever sang a tune for you? Share your thoughts.

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  • Where is my Maltese Dog?

    Where is my Maltese Dog?

    This special star Icy loves music and can follow a tune while I play the piano. This is my way of knowing where she is if I can’t find her around the house, I just hit a few notes on the piano and she comes out singing to me…. Should I sign her up for Doggie American Idol? Isn’t she a star? Click LIKE and give her your star…..

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  • Maltese iTunes.

    Maltese iTunes.

    Hi Maltese Starz fan club. Look what I have learned to do today, when I paw at this shiny gadget, sounds come out of it like iTunes. I can make my own songs now. It’s so easy to learn!!! Can I come over and play a song for you Bridgette and the gang over at Maltese Starz? We all can get together and have a choir with this thing I found. We will surprise our Mom’s with a tune. Aarf […]

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  • Play that Tune!

    Play that Tune!

    Little baby Tubby is going to show us how to play the piano on his dad’s iPhone. Looks like he is even surprising himself all those tunes coming out of the little square black box. Myself I didn’t even know the iPhone would do that kind of thing, I guess we can even learn from our little puppies. Now isn’t that a hoot…….

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  • Lady Gaga!

    Lady Gaga!

    Hey how many of us can make and play our very own songs? It’s not easy right…. All he needs now is someone to play the drums. LOL. Translation: I can’t find my bone, oh where is my bone, oo I looked left I looked right and still can’t find my bone!!!!! Get him a little bow tie, and a top hat, and the possibilities are endless. The Keyboard Dog!!!!!

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