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  • Maltese Dogs Personal Talk Show

    Maltese Dogs Personal Talk Show

    When school is out, you know how difficult it is to keep the kids occupied, right. Watch how much fun it can be when you have some imagination what Maltese dogs will do.

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  • Maltese Hitchen A Ride!

    Maltese Hitchen A Ride!

      Are all Maltese Dogs the Same? Both Bridgette and Porkchop will do the same thing when they notice something of their interest on TV. They don’t quite jump as high as Snoopy is doing in this video but they make it known that they want to join in the fun. If they could fly into the TV screen I am sure they would be gone to another world of their own. Haha….. Until they get hungry that is!!!!!

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  • The Maltese Master Trick!

    The Maltese Master Trick!

      We all have gone through this one time or another. But we know just how easy it is in the long run, cause we have a very intelligent breed first of all and do catch on very rapidly.  All they need from us is the consistency of allowing them out and talking to them and rewarding them when they do right. Don’t you agree. Good Luck Griffen, you will get the hang of it quickly.

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  • Innocent Until Proven Maltese Guilty

    Innocent Until Proven Maltese Guilty

    Maltese Puppy’s are never Guilty in my house.   As a Maltese Owner, we all can relate just how this issue is a difficult habit to break especially if the home has more than one Maltese. Although they all have the same habit like this video Just try to catch them in the act is always difficult, right.

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  • Is It My Turn Yet?

    Is It My Turn Yet?

    This makes you really think about what happens in Dog Kennels, you really feel for the dogs. There are so many dogs out there to be adopted, If you are considering a dog in your family, consider adopting it is more rewarding in every aspect in your life. I never believed that it would feel so rewarding when I adopted Porkchop. In so many ways.

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  • Our Black Eyed Babies

    Our Black Eyed Babies

      This was sent in by request, and found it very interesting as a Maltese Dog owner myself, Maltese are the only sort of black-eyed dogs to have! Thank you Isabelle.

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  • Paw Christmas

    Paw Christmas

      A bunch of paw friends got together before Christmas and made their own 12 Days of Christmas Carol. Looks like they had lots of fun putting this song together at least someone did.

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  • Never Give Up, woof.

    Never Give Up, woof.

      Is Adoption your first choice? Spread the word that pets in shelters are wonderful and loveable to, and encouraging potential adopters to consider a shelter as the first place to find a new best friend. Visit your local shelter to learn more about pet adoption.

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  • What A Pet Relief It Is

    What A Pet Relief It Is

    Looks like someones heart beat markings on the sidewall of the curb. But its actually the markings of relief. How can a doggie of this size hold so much pee to mark his territory for so long. Is Anyone’s Guess? Do you have one?  

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  • Love All Paws

    Love All Paws

    My favourite breed all my grown years have been a Maltese. I have had the opportunity to own and care for four of the special beauties, but to some there are other special breeds too. Here is a little video showing some of these cute faces.    

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