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  • A Maltese Alarm Clock

    A Maltese Alarm Clock

      Set your Maltese Alarm Clock! and you won’t have any difficulties in being awaken with all those licks and yips. At least you won’t need to worry about being late again for work, right. I can’t think of a better way of getting woke up, can you?

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  • Maltese Puppy Fluffing

    Maltese Puppy Fluffing

      Maltese Dogs needs and demands a fluffy home. Even when they just want to sit and lounge around for a while they are funny to watch when they paw and scratch the pillow or couch where they intend to settle in for awhile. Do you notice your baby fluffing up their space getting ready for some Zzzzzz’s?

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  • Hush Baby Sleeping

    Hush Baby Sleeping

      The Snoring Maltese Dog   I am sure all of us has heard our baby Maltese doing their sounds when they are in slumberland. This little one seems to be a bit mild, when Bridgette is in her deep sleep, her snoring actually wakes me up sometimes in the night. Do you have a loud snorer in your family?  

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  • Maltese Puppies in Dreamland

    Maltese Puppies in Dreamland

      We all love to watch our puppies while they are in dreamland. They look so contented and innocent. But wait till they wake up, they are instantly energized and ready to play with who ever will play with them.

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  • Maltese Dreamers

    Maltese Dreamers

      What more can you do when your a tiny little angel like these ones? Not a care in the world, just being precious and contended.  

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  • Four Paws Up!

    Four Paws Up!

    Beautiful..looks like a toy..don’t you just love it when your little dog sleeps with all four legs up. Watch when he wakes up and he is immediately on all paws and so alert.

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  • Iz Pooched.

    Iz Pooched.

    Iz so tired, lets go back to sleep, mom. Yawwwn, where is my bed, mom?

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  • Is Santa Coming?

    Is Santa Coming?

    I’sss so tired, I’s tiny so need some sleep eyes. Don’t want to miss Santa, but so tired. Wake me up mom when Santa comes, please.

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  • A Special Capture

    A Special Capture

    There are special moments with our babies that we wished we could capture on camera but never seem to be prepared. Well this Mom was fortunate enough to catch one with her baby. For me there has been numerous times that I have said that exact thing. Only if I had the camera, but just not fast enough. With that being said, I’m sure there are many of us that can relate to this particular special moment at least I […]

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  • T-I-R-E-D


    Oh my goodness, I can’t hold my head up any longer. Dad, come and pick me up and carry me to my cozy bedroom so I can rest in lau lau land for awhile please. I will be spunky after I close my little eyes for a bit. I am so tiny I can’t help myself, ok Dad. See you in awhile, Love you Daddy.

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