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  • Maltese Hitchen A Ride!

    Maltese Hitchen A Ride!

      Are all Maltese Dogs the Same? Both Bridgette and Porkchop will do the same thing when they notice something of their interest on TV. They don’t quite jump as high as Snoopy is doing in this video but they make it known that they want to join in the fun. If they could fly into the TV screen I am sure they would be gone to another world of their own. Haha….. Until they get hungry that is!!!!!

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  • The Maltese Master Trick!

    The Maltese Master Trick!

      We all have gone through this one time or another. But we know just how easy it is in the long run, cause we have a very intelligent breed first of all and do catch on very rapidly.  All they need from us is the consistency of allowing them out and talking to them and rewarding them when they do right. Don’t you agree. Good Luck Griffen, you will get the hang of it quickly.

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  • Play Invitation Maltese Style

    Post by Elena Campanile.

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  • Maltese Dog With Scale Phobia

    Maltese Dog With Scale Phobia

    A Maltese named Toby, one day we put him on the weighing scales to weigh him and we noticed he wouldn’t walk of it, we think he relates the scales to the vet and he hates the vets!!

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  • Christmas Maltese Dreamer

    Christmas Maltese Dreamer

      Christmas is in the air, I can feel it coming soon. I dreaming about all the good things that doggie’s get from our doggie Santa. I can’t wait for Christmas, woof, woof.    

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  • Ms Maltese Swifer

    Ms Maltese Swifer

    Family’s coming over for dinner, put the music on, lets rock and roll. Weeeee this is so much fun doing housework, slip and slide, zoom zoom. Anyone out there need their house cleaned? You can call me at Maltese Starz. Phone number (click like) and share Please. // ]]>  

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  • Maltese Tobi’s Performance

    Maltese Tobi’s Performance

    Tobi has so many tricks that he would love to show us, from getting the owners hat to playing dead when his hears, Bang Bang… My Maltese Bridgette has several tricks that she does from rolling over, shaking her paw just to name a few.. I have found that the Maltese breed is very quick to learn, very personal and very devoted to the family…. Lets give Tobi an applause for his wonderful performance.

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  • Maltese Tobby Know What He Wants?

    Maltese Tobby Know What He Wants?

      I know exactly what little Tobby is trying to do, don’t you? When you have owned a Maltese you get to know their body language. And Tobby is trying to entice Momma to play, don’t you think?

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  • Maltese Fruit Face

    Maltese Fruit Face

    If we all loved fruit as much as this little one does we would all be better off for sure. This little beauty loves any kind of fruit and don’t stop half way, she wants it all…. What fruit does your baby like the best?

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  • Maltese With Ice Fantasy

    Maltese With Ice Fantasy

      Does your Maltese dog have a fascination with their ice water? Little Joey always tries to play with his ice when he goes for a drink. It seems as though he likes the feel of the coldness on his paws. Either way he is sure fascinated with Ice.

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