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  • A Magic Maltese Life

    A Magic Maltese Life

    Daddy has a huge surprise, but is it well received? Oh daddy it’s raining in here. Oh yes, daddy ends up being a wizard in his eyes. Way to go Dad…..

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  • Maltese Dogs Personal Talk Show

    Maltese Dogs Personal Talk Show

    When school is out, you know how difficult it is to keep the kids occupied, right. Watch how much fun it can be when you have some imagination what Maltese dogs will do.

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  • Maltese Hitchen A Ride!

    Maltese Hitchen A Ride!

      Are all Maltese Dogs the Same? Both Bridgette and Porkchop will do the same thing when they notice something of their interest on TV. They don’t quite jump as high as Snoopy is doing in this video but they make it known that they want to join in the fun. If they could fly into the TV screen I am sure they would be gone to another world of their own. Haha….. Until they get hungry that is!!!!!

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  • The Maltese Master Trick!

    The Maltese Master Trick!

      We all have gone through this one time or another. But we know just how easy it is in the long run, cause we have a very intelligent breed first of all and do catch on very rapidly.  All they need from us is the consistency of allowing them out and talking to them and rewarding them when they do right. Don’t you agree. Good Luck Griffen, you will get the hang of it quickly.

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  • Lazy Maltese Sunday Mornin.

    Lazy Maltese Sunday Mornin.

      It’s warm and fluffy, what is it? It’s cuddly and cute, what is it? It moves and licks, what is it? It kisses and makes woofin sounds, what is it? I would love to have lots and lots of these, what is it?

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  • Maltese Goes For Lunch

    Maltese Goes For Lunch

      This won’t surprise you as we already know that our breed is very intelligent. It is still so cute to watch them relay to us and sometimes they can show us very intensely what they want or thinking.

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  • A Maltese Alarm Clock

    A Maltese Alarm Clock

      Set your Maltese Alarm Clock! and you won’t have any difficulties in being awaken with all those licks and yips. At least you won’t need to worry about being late again for work, right. I can’t think of a better way of getting woke up, can you?

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  • Stuffed Maltese Pup or Not?

    Who Is Real?  Maltese Pup or Stuffed Maltese Pup It’s very hard to distinguish from one Maltese Puppy to the other. Can you tell? Post by Alejandra Figueroa.

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  • Maltese Goes To The Show

    Post by Cindy Ingram Jordan.

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  • Maltese Dog With Scale Phobia

    Maltese Dog With Scale Phobia

    A Maltese named Toby, one day we put him on the weighing scales to weigh him and we noticed he wouldn’t walk of it, we think he relates the scales to the vet and he hates the vets!!

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