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  • Maltese Family At It’s Best

    Post by Gleyce Camargo Rodrigues.

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  • Maltese Family Enjoys the Cold

    Post by Cinzia Proietti Checchi.

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  • Thank You Santa!

    Thank You Santa!

    Spoiled Maltese Puppies   Santa must of thought these two babies had been very well behaved all year. When Bridgette and Porkchop woke up Christmas Morning they found a whole toy box packed full of goodies and new toys. You will notice that Porkchop had his favourites as he would take them to his own bed, even today he only plays with the ones he choose.    

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  • Santas Maltese Helper

    Santas Maltese Helper

      My very first Christmas to help Santa decorate the Christmas tree. Woof, Momma is Santa bringing us lots of squeaky toys? We’ve been very good doggies, And we will give him many nose kisses too.

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  • Maltese Faery Dog Mothers

    Maltese Faery Dog Mothers

      Precious and fluffy little Maltese and other mix went up for adoption in Oct. this year It so great to hear they are all in loving homes now.  

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  • Maltese Beauties Entertainment

    Maltese Beauties Entertainment

    We all Love to watch these fluff balls Little Gidget and her playmate entertains each other with only a cat ball and tissue paper.

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  • Playing Maltese Fur Balls

    Playing Maltese Fur Balls

    Here is a family of Maltese puppies only a few weeks old showing their affections of one another, and the energy they have at all times… Don’t they just melt your heart when you watch them at play. Makes me wish I could reach into that computer and grab them all.

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  • Maltese Balls of Fluff

    Maltese Balls of Fluff

      Maltese puppies bouncing balls of fluff. How they bounce at each other to entice the other to play with them. Oh to have a bouncing little ball of fluff again would be just heaven, don’t you think. Maybe I should rescue another Maltese baby soon.  

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  • Blocked Maltese

    Blocked Maltese

    Adorable Maltese puppies playing and bouncing around trying to pick up those colourful blocks. Their favourite colour is the orange block. But having a hard time trying to pick it up. They never give up until they succeed, just one more reason why I adore this breed.

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  • Sister Maltese Protection

    Sister Maltese Protection

      When Misty’s puppies were born, Snowy’s interactions with the puppies were kept to a minimum and always directly supervised. As it turned out, Snowy became very protective of the puppies and was very careful around them when they were tiny. Snowy really wanted to get to know more about the puppies Unfortunately for Snowy, the puppies soon figured out that it is a lot of fun for them to annoy their aunt.

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