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  • A Fairy Maltese Princess

    A Fairy Maltese Princess

      Every breed has their own unique quality and beauty but, Once you are an owner of the Maltese doggie breed, you ultimately realize they all are fairy princes and princesses with their glamour and highest beauty. I wished that everyone could have the opportunity to have one in their lives. The worst of it is, its a sad sad shame that some of these beauties ends up in a kill shelter, it just blows my mind.

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  • Baffled Maltese???

    Baffled Maltese???

      No matter how hard I try to make it as difficult as I can for Bridgette to retrieve her treats, she gets it figured out too fast, except for this wishbone treat. Just maybe I have her baffled for awhile.

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  • Priceless Maltese Memories

    Priceless Maltese Memories

      Maltese puppies and memories. We can remember some of the good times when our babies are growing up, but with actual photos and our personal videos, PRICELESS.

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  • Maltese Friends at Christmas

    Maltese Friends at Christmas

      These adorable sugar-plum Maltese pups will warm your heart this holiday season! The two beloved Maltese dogs are dressed as elves, Santa’s helpers, and in their jammies as they await Christmas morning.

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  • Maltese Mommy’s Gift

    Maltese Mommy’s Gift

      All births are a gift made from Heaven, Adorable 19 days old Maltese puppies exploring life with their new Momma. It’s even a bigger gift just to be a Mom.

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  • Rolly Polly Maltese Puppies

    Rolly Polly Maltese Puppies

      Adorable and fluffy group of Maltese Puppies, just wanting to play and cuddle with their brothers and sisters. They way they kiss each other has to be the most beautiful thing in the whole wide world, don’t you agree?

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  • Working Maltese Puppy

    Working Maltese Puppy

        Little Maltese Woofy goes under the bed to fetch his favourite sock !!!! He gets himself in such positions in order to be able to reach it. Does he finally achieve reaching it? Watch…..

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  • Maltese Starz Haunted House

    Maltese Starz Haunted House

      Have you every heard of a Maltese Haunted House? Some famous Maltese Dogs got together and created their own scary place to meet for Halloween. Thank you to all the Mom’s that helped make this production possible. Happy Halloween EbreyPawdy.

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  • Cushing’s Disease In Dogs

    What are the signs and causes of Cushing’s disease in the Maltese breed and what types of treatment are needed?   Any owner of Maltese dogs will want to be aware of the signs and symptoms of Cushing’s disease, a common condition that can often affect the Maltese breed specifically, but also small dogs in general. Your pets can benefit greatly from your awareness of this disease and its symptoms and causes, which offers a better chance of early detection […]

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  • Maltese PuppyLand

    Maltese PuppyLand

      Not sure if I have posted this sweetest little video of these tiny precious puppies but when I came across it this afternoon, I melted again and had to share it with you once more. They’re approximately 2 weeks old here, still twitching and actually eating some solid food… Oh that puppy breathe, I do miss it…

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