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  • Maltese Goes For Lunch

    Maltese Goes For Lunch

      This won’t surprise you as we already know that our breed is very intelligent. It is still so cute to watch them relay to us and sometimes they can show us very intensely what they want or thinking.

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  • Rescued Maltese Now “The Boss”

    Rescued Maltese Now “The Boss”

     Maltese Dogs Everytime when Mommy is sitting a bit quiet and enjoying some down time. Porkchop knows and wants some attention and a body rub. When I don’t pay any attention to him, this is the flack he gives out…..and this is very mild this time.  

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  • Thank You Santa!

    Thank You Santa!

    Spoiled Maltese Puppies   Santa must of thought these two babies had been very well behaved all year. When Bridgette and Porkchop woke up Christmas Morning they found a whole toy box packed full of goodies and new toys. You will notice that Porkchop had his favourites as he would take them to his own bed, even today he only plays with the ones he choose.    

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  • Blow Dry Maltese Style

    Blow Dry Maltese Style

      After a bath with a Maltese dog, they’re all the same. If you let them go they will run like a flash to dry themselves from all the clean aroma clinging on their beautiful coats. All they want is dry be fluffy and dry again. So they do what they know best on how to achieve that is run like a flash.

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  • Celebrity Maltese Dogs

      Two window dogs named Sasha and Amber from the Belgrave Dry Cleaner’s gave the whole town quit a scare. The two Maltese dogs ended up going on an adventure of their own last week, leaving the town in historics, hunting for the missing pair. Sasha and Amber goes to work with their Mommy the owner of the Belgrave Dry Cleaner’s, to sit in the window and watch the world go by while Dad tended to the store each day […]

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  • Homeless Maltese Rescued

    Homeless Maltese Rescued

      A Happy Ending for this Homeless Maltese Dog!   In August of this year another Maltese Dog was found roaming, looking scared and lost. That is when Hope For Paws stepped up once again. It’s truly heartwarming to watch how this experienced team captures these strays and transforms them into healthy beautiful pets getting them ready to find their forever loving homes. Thank you Hope for Paws!  

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  • Can A Dog Really Help People To Heal?

      Owning A Pet Can Have A Psychological Impact. It’s a human curse that we have complex languages and advanced art forms to express our feelings, and we have a natural ability to empathize with others…and yet we spend so much of our lifetimes feeling isolated and alone. There are many ways to stave off that loneliness. But the most effective, prescribed by millions of people world-wide, is to buy or adopt a pet. The right kind of pets can […]

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  • Cushing’s Disease In Dogs

    What are the signs and causes of Cushing’s disease in the Maltese breed and what types of treatment are needed?   Any owner of Maltese dogs will want to be aware of the signs and symptoms of Cushing’s disease, a common condition that can often affect the Maltese breed specifically, but also small dogs in general. Your pets can benefit greatly from your awareness of this disease and its symptoms and causes, which offers a better chance of early detection […]

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  • Maltese Dog Rescue Celebration!

    Maltese Dog Rescue Celebration!

      As you know we adopted Porkchop on September 23 2013 . We wanted to share with you a photo each month since Sept. The last five photos taken yesterday. Sept. 22/14 We have had so much fun with this little guy.  He has been through a lot but still is a happy go lucky little guy. He loves talking to all his fur friendz on social media, just loves all the attention. Thank you everyone for being his forever friend. […]

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  • For Maltese Lovers Only

    For Maltese Lovers Only

      A Maltese Dog is the Best Dog Ever!      BEWARE, They love you unconditional, they never grow up, they always want to play, they always are at your feet, they follow you everywhere, they are always wanting your approval, they will want to sleep with you, they will talk to you, watch TV with you, they want to protect you, they are eager to learn new things, they are the most beautiful breed on earth. What more can […]

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