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  • The Maltese Master Trick!

    The Maltese Master Trick!

      We all have gone through this one time or another. But we know just how easy it is in the long run, cause we have a very intelligent breed first of all and do catch on very rapidly.  All they need from us is the consistency of allowing them out and talking to them and rewarding them when they do right. Don’t you agree. Good Luck Griffen, you will get the hang of it quickly.

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  • A Fairy Maltese Princess

    A Fairy Maltese Princess

      Every breed has their own unique quality and beauty but, Once you are an owner of the Maltese doggie breed, you ultimately realize they all are fairy princes and princesses with their glamour and highest beauty. I wished that everyone could have the opportunity to have one in their lives. The worst of it is, its a sad sad shame that some of these beauties ends up in a kill shelter, it just blows my mind.

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  • Maltese Family At It’s Best

    Post by Gleyce Camargo Rodrigues.

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  • Maltese Family Enjoys the Cold

    Post by Cinzia Proietti Checchi.

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  • Maltese Friends at Christmas

    Maltese Friends at Christmas

      These adorable sugar-plum Maltese pups will warm your heart this holiday season! The two beloved Maltese dogs are dressed as elves, Santa’s helpers, and in their jammies as they await Christmas morning.

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  • Sister Maltese Protection

    Sister Maltese Protection

      When Misty’s puppies were born, Snowy’s interactions with the puppies were kept to a minimum and always directly supervised. As it turned out, Snowy became very protective of the puppies and was very careful around them when they were tiny. Snowy really wanted to get to know more about the puppies Unfortunately for Snowy, the puppies soon figured out that it is a lot of fun for them to annoy their aunt.

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  • Celebrity Maltese Dogs

      Two window dogs named Sasha and Amber from the Belgrave Dry Cleaner’s gave the whole town quit a scare. The two Maltese dogs ended up going on an adventure of their own last week, leaving the town in historics, hunting for the missing pair. Sasha and Amber goes to work with their Mommy the owner of the Belgrave Dry Cleaner’s, to sit in the window and watch the world go by while Dad tended to the store each day […]

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  • Maltese Family Romp Hour

    Maltese Family Romp Hour

      We have a new addition to our paw family, A little baby girl named Drizzle, she is just shy of 2 months old here, Misty, her Mommy are having a great time here playing with each other while daddy is over seeing that nothing gets out of hand. He has always been such a great protector…  

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  • Maltese Life Bone

    Maltese Life Bone

      This little Maltese puppy will have this bone forever, it’s bigger than the puppy itself. But again there are two of the Maltese puppies so maybe between them both they can put a ding into it before they reach maturity. Or as they all do just use it as a toy…  

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  • Maltese Enjoying The Open Spaces

    Maltese Enjoying The Open Spaces

      When it is beautiful outside, we love to be out playing and enjoying the sunshine. We love the snow on the ground too but prefer to have the warmth on our skin. The two of us always bug our daddy to spent the day at the park, playing and frolicking about in the grass and open spaces.  

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