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  • A Magic Maltese Life

    A Magic Maltese Life

    Daddy has a huge surprise, but is it well received? Oh daddy it’s raining in here. Oh yes, daddy ends up being a wizard in his eyes. Way to go Dad…..

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  • Maltese Dogs Personal Talk Show

    Maltese Dogs Personal Talk Show

    When school is out, you know how difficult it is to keep the kids occupied, right. Watch how much fun it can be when you have some imagination what Maltese dogs will do.

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  • Maltese Love and Kisses Moment

    Maltese Love and Kisses Moment

    If you don’t have the luxury of being a pride owner of one of this beautiful and loving breed, then it would be a little hard to comprehend the full meaning of this video.  Or maybe you would. This is so priceless and truly a Maltese Moment.

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  • Maltese Got Talent

    Maltese Got Talent

    Maltese Dog says Meow!   Yes she actually says Meow on command! Wendy is her name and she made it to the top recently showing her talents on America’s Got Talent. Even if this is a gimmick, you must admit looks like Wendy is a Talking Maltese Dog. After watching this what is your honest opinion? Is she for real?

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  • Maltese Hitchen A Ride!

    Maltese Hitchen A Ride!

      Are all Maltese Dogs the Same? Both Bridgette and Porkchop will do the same thing when they notice something of their interest on TV. They don’t quite jump as high as Snoopy is doing in this video but they make it known that they want to join in the fun. If they could fly into the TV screen I am sure they would be gone to another world of their own. Haha….. Until they get hungry that is!!!!!

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  • Play Invitation Maltese Style

    Post by Elena Campanile.

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  • Maltese Shakes It Off

    Maltese Shakes It Off

      Maltese Dog Does the “Shake It Off” Dance. Kozmo the Maltese Dog was caught on tape jamming with Taylor Swift. Even Momma and Dad couldn’t believe it how long he was keeping up with the music.    

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  • Maltese Dog With Scale Phobia

    Maltese Dog With Scale Phobia

    A Maltese named Toby, one day we put him on the weighing scales to weigh him and we noticed he wouldn’t walk of it, we think he relates the scales to the vet and he hates the vets!!

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  • Maltese Vocabulary

    Maltese Vocabulary

      A Talking Maltese   When Porkchop wants some attention or wants to say something to me this is how he talks. Do you think he gives up if I ignore him not in your life.  He is such a determined little guy you either stop everything when he wants your attention or he just gets louder and louder. This time he was telling me that he wanted down off the grooming table to play…. How does your baby talk […]

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  • Innocent Until Proven Maltese Guilty

    Innocent Until Proven Maltese Guilty

    Maltese Puppy’s are never Guilty in my house.   As a Maltese Owner, we all can relate just how this issue is a difficult habit to break especially if the home has more than one Maltese. Although they all have the same habit like this video Just try to catch them in the act is always difficult, right.

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