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  • Maltese Got Talent

    Maltese Got Talent

    Maltese Dog says Meow!   Yes she actually says Meow on command! Wendy is her name and she made it to the top recently showing her talents on America’s Got Talent. Even if this is a gimmick, you must admit looks like Wendy is a Talking Maltese Dog. After watching this what is your honest opinion? Is she for real?

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  • Lazy Maltese Sunday Mornin.

    Lazy Maltese Sunday Mornin.

      It’s warm and fluffy, what is it? It’s cuddly and cute, what is it? It moves and licks, what is it? It kisses and makes woofin sounds, what is it? I would love to have lots and lots of these, what is it?

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  • A Fairy Maltese Princess

    A Fairy Maltese Princess

      Every breed has their own unique quality and beauty but, Once you are an owner of the Maltese doggie breed, you ultimately realize they all are fairy princes and princesses with their glamour and highest beauty. I wished that everyone could have the opportunity to have one in their lives. The worst of it is, its a sad sad shame that some of these beauties ends up in a kill shelter, it just blows my mind.

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  • Stuffed Maltese Pup or Not?

    Who Is Real?  Maltese Pup or Stuffed Maltese Pup It’s very hard to distinguish from one Maltese Puppy to the other. Can you tell? Post by Alejandra Figueroa.

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  • Maltese Goes To The Show

    Post by Cindy Ingram Jordan.

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  • Innocent Until Proven Maltese Guilty

    Innocent Until Proven Maltese Guilty

    Maltese Puppy’s are never Guilty in my house.   As a Maltese Owner, we all can relate just how this issue is a difficult habit to break especially if the home has more than one Maltese. Although they all have the same habit like this video Just try to catch them in the act is always difficult, right.

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  • Maltese Family Enjoys the Cold

    Post by Cinzia Proietti Checchi.

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  • Maltese Tunes-R-Us

    Maltese Tunes-R-Us

      Just strike up a note and the gang will follow with their own little howl or tune. The group of Maltese Puppies are showing us what they can do when the leader strikes the Tunes-R- Us toy.

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  • Maltese Rules

    Maltese Rules

      Keep those tear stains away with I Lid n Lash. They learn at a very young age that they rule the roost, at least to a point, right. Although they are just playing around together it looks like the Maltese Puppy would win hands down.  

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  • Baffled Maltese???

    Baffled Maltese???

      No matter how hard I try to make it as difficult as I can for Bridgette to retrieve her treats, she gets it figured out too fast, except for this wishbone treat. Just maybe I have her baffled for awhile.

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