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  • When Mamma’s Away the Doggies will Play

    When Mamma’s Away the Doggies will Play

    The kitty named Lemieux thinks he has two little fluffy toys to play with, at first Lemieux came out of nowhere like the mad Bomber. Go Puppy Go!!!! Dylan(puppy) sure gave Lemieux (kitty) a run for his money I would say, then they just fell in love!!!! The other doggie Kuma just watching thought I will not get involved in this one and stayed out of it. Do you think Dylan and lemieux fell in love?    

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  • Too Cute for our Eyes.

    Too Cute for our Eyes.

    Isn’t it just marvellous to watch little puppies play and bounce around like this. It reminds me how Bridgette acted when we first brought her home. She still is bouncy and playful to this day even though she is coming up eight years next month.

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  • Cheering Maltese

    Cheering Maltese

    Minnow the cat had been missing for over 7 weeks and was found trapped in a neighbor’s shed. Millie the Maltese is trying to cheer her up as she recovers. That’s a true Maltese I say, don’t you?

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  • Hey Kitty, I’m talking to You.

    Zita tries so hard day in and day out to win the approval of the cat. Yes that’s me on the left coming home from the vet recently, remember….I DO!!!!! Don’t give up Zita, just maybe the kitty will be your best friend someday…. Sent in by Sarah Orner

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  • Watchin the Kitty

    Watchin the Kitty

    Yes you are family but don’t take my din din. You have your own dish and I have mine. I’ll walk away and eat my food so I know you won’t snatch it up before I eat it. Just watchin you kitty so you don’t take whats mine. I am still watchin you!!!!!!

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  • Blackie Can’t Catch Me!

    Blackie Can’t Catch Me!

    I can leap around faster than this four legged black creature. This is becoming to be a lot of fun, you aren’t fast enough arff, arff. This is not fair pushing me in a corner like this. When I get free I will get in my house where you can’t catch me. I’m going outside for a bit so you black creature go get your own space I’ll catch up with you later.

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  • Nibble Nibble

    Nibble Nibble

    Puppies nibble on everything when they are maturing, this little kitty was trying to eat in peace, but the puppy wanted to play, just at the wrong time right? The kitty was establishing dominance over the puppy by slowly and gently displaying his position. Do you agree that the kitty knew just exactly how much punishment to give the littly puppy?

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  • Meow and Woff

    Meow and Woff

    This one is hilarious, two maltese and a cat playing together having a time of their lives. It’s great to see they have so much fun, especially the kitty being so gentle with his claws that he don’t scratch the little doggie. I love the shot of the cat looking at the camera while the dog is still trying to gnaw at the side of it. Adorable. But the other Maltese is just sitting there not joining in the fun, […]

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  • Best Friends

    Best Friends

    I always thought that dog and cats never usually got along, but this proves differently. These two little playmates Charlie the doggie and Vinci the kitty are the best of friends having fun with each other. So cool to watch them being so gentle with each other. Enjoy!

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  • Black and White

    Black and White

    Another version of two young playful, four legged creatures just romping and tumbling around and chasing each other. So much energy they have to use up and what better way to use it. Adorable playtime for them both and it just happens to be a black cat and maltese puppy. Wouldn’t they make a great couple to go out on Halloween together?

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