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  • Maltese Puppy Super Fun

    Maltese Puppy Super Fun

        When your the only sibling in your family you get to figure out how to play with things to have fun all by yourself. For those who only have one paw friend in your house How do they amuse themselves when they want to play?  

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  • Maltese Dog Tiny Woof

    Maltese Dog Tiny Woof

      Tiny and cuddly, Maltese puppy barks sound so gentle but that is all the strength they have to make the sound at that puppy stage. They believe they are fierce and mean but only gentle and loveable.    

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  • Maltese Boxer

    Maltese Boxer

    Enjoy the journey these little angels will take you on. From a Maltese Puppy to an adult Maltese, They will act as a puppy entirely through their adult lives. Oh and they love to box as long as they have a participate.

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  • Playful Green Maltese Puppy

    Playful Green Maltese Puppy

      Just a pup! A Maltese Puppy, Playful, energetic, inquisitive, white and fluffy. Her name is Paris and she never stops playing and entertaining herself with anything that she can get her paws on. Especially the plastic toys which she favours green too. She has two of these toys, one red and the other is green, she goes for the green every time.

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  • When Mamma’s Away the Doggies will Play

    When Mamma’s Away the Doggies will Play

    The kitty named Lemieux thinks he has two little fluffy toys to play with, at first Lemieux came out of nowhere like the mad Bomber. Go Puppy Go!!!! Dylan(puppy) sure gave Lemieux (kitty) a run for his money I would say, then they just fell in love!!!! The other doggie Kuma just watching thought I will not get involved in this one and stayed out of it. Do you think Dylan and lemieux fell in love?    

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  • Maltese Puppy’s House

    Maltese Puppy’s House

      Come here little puppy, I would love to hug and hold you. Feel your fluffy body and smell that fresh puppy breath. Arrf, arrf, Oh, and don’t you just love listening to those puppy barks?  

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  • Matese Dogs Leftovers

    Matese Dogs Leftovers

      Maltese Dog Digs Leftovers. It’s time to check out the dinner plate, Mom is busy doing the clean up. The minute your back is turned, meez finish the plate Maltese Style….. by licks and sips. Yum, yum, woof.      

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  • A Dedicated Maltese Woofer

    A Dedicated Maltese Woofer

    I can’t help myself the doggie says, when I hear the music of this beautiful hymn “Be Thou My Vision” I have to sing my version of that tune.. Let everything that hath breath praise the Lord in their own special way and that is what I truly enjoy..  

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  • Caesy the Maltese Doggie!

    Caesy the Maltese Doggie!

    Hi everypawdy, my name is Caesy. I live in Brugge, Belgium living a grand dawgy life. I love my life with my Mommy and Daddy, They say that we can get under your skin and steal your hearts and souls. Is that right? Meez don’t mind….

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  • Sparky at the Park

    Sparky at the Park

    Meet Sparky, he’s a 5 mixed breed and one of a kind. Watch how sparky does all the slides, balance beams, and swings so perfectly. Looks as though he is purely enjoying himself.

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