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  • What A Pet Relief It Is

    What A Pet Relief It Is

    Looks like someones heart beat markings on the sidewall of the curb. But its actually the markings of relief. How can a doggie of this size hold so much pee to mark his territory for so long. Is Anyone’s Guess? Do you have one?  

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  • Lapping Maltese Puppy

    Lapping Maltese Puppy

      Need a drink, Please, Woof, Turn on the tap and let it flow, Let it get cold and I will know, when it’s time for me to lap like a pro.

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  • Talking Bichon

    Talking Bichon

      Does your dog talk to his food to? Mine does this too, my Bridgette will toss her food up in the air and play with it at times to. Maybe this little fellow is telling his Mom that he ordered something different than what he sees in his dish, like a bacon cheeseburger. lol Or maybe he is saying his grace before dinner. What do you think he is saying?

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  • FurBall


    I’m a little fur ball just loved to be picked up and cuddled. I will love you forever and give you many nose kisses. Just take me wherever you go, I won’t cause a stir. I’m fragile but loveable, and will love you back. Will you take me home with you today?

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  • A Cool Down

    A Cool Down

    Too Hot To Move This is my style of coolin down on a hot summers day. Mom and Dad is teaching me how to swim, so I can be in the big pool. This is so cool, love it….  

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  • Dancing With the Starz

    Come on everyone, shake a leg with me. Dee dee dom, shake shake rattle roll. Just keep up with the beat friends and shake a leg. I watched Mom and Dad do this step, it’s so easy to do. Shake a Leg……woof, woof.

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  • Maltese Bootcamp

    Maltese Bootcamp

    When I was a little puppy, mom said it was cute when I didn’t do what she commanded of me. As I grew bigger, I just didn’t understand what she wanted me to do. We would get into heated discussions at times. Now I am 16 weeks old and have been going to bootcamp for a while now. I hear them say, I am so intelligent and know all the commands that I remember mommy trying to ask before. Woof, […]

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  • Memories


    A video of a friend of mine that was made years ago when her little maltese named Darren at the age of twelve. Some mornings he would just ignore her at least that’s what it seemed like. He passed away on October 28th and will always be remembered. Rest In Peace little darling. He was a true gentleman to us all…..

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  • In the Wild

    In the Wild

    How awesome when you can witness a dog and a deer playing together. That’s the joy of living out in the country, anything can come along when you least expect it. The catch is to have the camera rolling at all times. How many times have I missed that special unique and funny moment with Bridgette because no camera in hand. I have to say lots of times. Have you?

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  • Unbelievable Connection !

    Unbelievable Connection !

    This site is based on the Maltese Glamour World, but this video is so unbelievably different I had to post it. Still about the dog breed but what is so different is the fish and the dog. This just don’t happen all the time. Something is going on between the two and no one could alter this in any way. This is just another example on how our pets can connect to another specie on this planet. Just amazing. Don’t […]

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