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  • Maltese Shakes It Off

    Maltese Shakes It Off

      Maltese Dog Does the “Shake It Off” Dance. Kozmo the Maltese Dog was caught on tape jamming with Taylor Swift. Even Momma and Dad couldn’t believe it how long he was keeping up with the music.    

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  • Maltese Doggie Jig

    Maltese Doggie Jig

      This little doggie wants to show off his Obama Dance. It’s amazing what you can do with a little bit of help with technology now a days. But you still have to have a smart dog and co-operation of that smart doggie….

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  • FreeStyle Dancing Maltese

    FreeStyle Dancing Maltese

    There are so many ways to dance, but we have chosen to do our own dance, We come in pairs and we do a special Dance. As long as Mommy guides us, we follow the beat. So watch us do our FreeStyle Maltese Dance.

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  • Maltese Waltz

    Maltese Waltz

      Have a pair of Maltese Dogs? Let them learn on their own as this pair did. Set the music and watch the dance. This pair will truly demonstrate how to do the waltz in pure elegance. You will not want this one to end, the superstar pair performance.

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  • Maltese Dances With Intruder

    Maltese Dances With Intruder

      Maltese Dog Finds An Intruder In His Domain.   In this funny dog video this little Maltese cutie is having the time of his life when dancing with himself in the mirror. Does your dog do funny things in front of the mirror? Tell us in the comments below!

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  • Maltese Doggie Dancers

    Maltese Doggie Dancers

    The Dancing Maltese Puppies, and they’ve got the groove and some great moves, bless them.  They are just so talented, they know how to shake it That’s just what they do but they always put a smile on our face, Don’t they?

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  • Cheerleading Maltese Doggie Style

    Cheerleading Maltese Doggie Style

      Our little princesses are dancing around with their new outfits trying to reach as high as they can. I wonder what they want, could it be a favourite bite of a healthy treat of their’s?  Hmm, just maybe it is.  Get your T-shirt here   DO YOU LOVE YOUR MALTESE?  

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  • Maltese Dancing Queen

    Maltese Dancing Queen

      I am proud to introduce you to Ellie, our dancing Maltese. She always puts on a performance for just about anything. She has always done this since a baby. Hardly no training, isn’t she a beauty? ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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  • Maltese Puppies having a Blast

    Maltese Puppies having a Blast

      Drizzle and Crystal, 13 week old Puppies, have a blast playing on top of and under a dog bed. But Momma is not to far away, she comes around checking on them often.

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  • Doggie Back Paddle Dance

    Doggie Back Paddle Dance

      Have you ever seen a doggie do the back paddle dance? Some call it the Moonwalk What would you call this dance?

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