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  • Maltese Birthday Celebration

    Maltese Birthday Celebration

    Meet the birthday girl Crystal, once you get to know her, you get to see that her personality shines with you, she is the whole definition of Loyalty, sweetness, love, joy, cuddles and kisses. Her mischievous acts are there too – don’t be fooled by the halo that your mind pictures on her head when you get to know her well and see how very well mannered she is. Crystal will be turning 6 years old this December 2nd.

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  • Happy Birthday Chloe

    Happy Birthday Chloe

    My very first birthday celebration. I heard mommy whispering to daddy what I am getting for my birthday. I have been a very good puppy, so I get lots of presents,she said. I wished everyday had a celebration for me. I got lots of squeaky’s, treats and lots of attention. Thank you everyone for my doggie toys.

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  • Celebration


    Hi Phoebe, I noticed it was your birthday yesterday, so I want to wish you a very Happy belated Birthday. Hope you had a great day and got all the birthday wishes you wanted. I love your new car….. I will be 8 years old the end of March. This was my last years birthday celebration and enjoyed all the sausages and many other treats that I normally don’t get, but for my birthday my Mom and Daddy showered me […]

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  • My Puppy Dog World

    My Puppy Dog World

    Hi Bridgette and all your Maltese Starz Fans. My name is Casey, I see you all had a huge celebration yesterday with birthdays and dress ups for Valentines Day. Well I had a celebration too. It was my very first birthday, my whole family came to celebrate. It was my best puppy party ever, I am so grateful my family loves me so much. Just like all the Moms out there in your fan club at Maltese Starz.

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  • Birthday’s


    Do you know of anyone that has a birthday coming up soon? Maybe it’s your own little baby’s birthday coming. My Bridgette’s is Valentines Day, so quess what theme I do for her!!!! Here is Snowy’s birthday celebration that was done for her. Looks like she truly enjoyed that special doggie donut made just for her…

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