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  • Happy Squidget Finds His Love

    Happy Squidget Finds His Love

        A Rescue Found a Loving Forever Home. Squidget, a 2 pound part Maltese was rescued a few weeks ago in Detroit Michigan, he was found near a dumpster and willing to fight for survival. It paid off for him as now he has found Love too. What a true happy ending for another one in need.      

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  • Rescued Maltese Now “The Boss”

    Rescued Maltese Now “The Boss”

     Maltese Dogs Everytime when Mommy is sitting a bit quiet and enjoying some down time. Porkchop knows and wants some attention and a body rub. When I don’t pay any attention to him, this is the flack he gives out…..and this is very mild this time.  

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  • Is It My Turn Yet?

    Is It My Turn Yet?

    This makes you really think about what happens in Dog Kennels, you really feel for the dogs. There are so many dogs out there to be adopted, If you are considering a dog in your family, consider adopting it is more rewarding in every aspect in your life. I never believed that it would feel so rewarding when I adopted Porkchop. In so many ways.

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  • Never Give Up, woof.

    Never Give Up, woof.

      Is Adoption your first choice? Spread the word that pets in shelters are wonderful and loveable to, and encouraging potential adopters to consider a shelter as the first place to find a new best friend. Visit your local shelter to learn more about pet adoption.

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  • Forty Dogs Whisked Away From Puppy Mill

    Fresh Start For Man’s Best Friend Forty dogs including Pomeranians, Maltese and Poodle mixes were whisked away from an Alabama puppy mill. Many had spent their whole life in a cage. Now they are hoping to find homes in Palm Harbor and beyond. For those interested in fostering or fostering-to-adopt, please contact Suncoast Animal League at Foster@SuncoastAnimalLeague.Org. For more information about the rescue, contact Suncoast Animal League at Info@SuncoastAnimalLeague.Org or call at 727-786-1330 FOX 13 News

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  • Homeless Maltese Rescued

    Homeless Maltese Rescued

      A Happy Ending for this Homeless Maltese Dog!   In August of this year another Maltese Dog was found roaming, looking scared and lost. That is when Hope For Paws stepped up once again. It’s truly heartwarming to watch how this experienced team captures these strays and transforms them into healthy beautiful pets getting them ready to find their forever loving homes. Thank you Hope for Paws!  

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  • Maltese Dog Rescue Celebration!

    Maltese Dog Rescue Celebration!

      As you know we adopted Porkchop on September 23 2013 . We wanted to share with you a photo each month since Sept. The last five photos taken yesterday. Sept. 22/14 We have had so much fun with this little guy.  He has been through a lot but still is a happy go lucky little guy. He loves talking to all his fur friendz on social media, just loves all the attention. Thank you everyone for being his forever friend. […]

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  • Rescue Love Story

    Rescue Love Story

        Monica & Chandler finds Love You will laugh, cry and totally believe there are still good people out there after watching this Rescue Video. Monica and Chandler was abandoned on the streets in Los Angeles and have a special bond between the two. People in the immediate area tried to help them but couldn’t catch them, they were very smart to say the least. Eventually Rescue from the Hart association was called in and now the are a […]

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  • Homeless Maltese Finds Love

    Homeless Maltese Finds Love

      Homeless Maltese Dog Gets Makeover That Saves His Life! – Bailey       Maltese Bailey It’s always heart warming to hear and see that another paw friend finds Love. A truly heart warming story of Bailey finding his Love and forever home.

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  • Maltese Kids Do the Dar-nest Things!

    Maltese Kids Do the Dar-nest Things!

      As many of you know Porkchop is my precious rescue that we adopted last year. In the past 9 months, he has given us such joy and many laughs. I never know what he is up to next. He is 7 years young now but has never grown up. I hope he never does. lol….♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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