Pets and Groomers, Is It Safe?

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Pets and Groomers, Is It Safe?

A beautiful three year old Maltese from Singapore, lost his life over an unconscionable oversight because of a phone call that the pet groomer thought he had to answer while Brownie was in his care this past Tuesday.

According to the dog owner’s relative, the dog, a Maltese called “Brownie”, was left in the boot of a car belonging to a groomer who had collected the dog to bring it back to the shop he works at for grooming. However, the groomer claimed the dog was stolen shortly after he collected it, when he became preoccupied with a phone call.

Hours later, he finally admitted to the owner’s family that he had forgotten and left the dog in the boot.

Frantically the family members looking for their dog until seven that evening finally called the police. Too Late!!!! Poor little guy never had a chance.

The dog belonged to 52-year-old Santha Kumari, who had paid more than S$2,000 dollars for the dog.

Personally I have never taken my Bridgette to the groomers, I have learned over time how to groom a Maltese myself, as I have mentioned before this is my third Maltese.

For some of us we just don’t have the time because of our life style or hectic time schedules.

There is nothing wrong in taking your pet to the groomers, don’t get me wrong as usually pet groomers are very compassionate in what they do. I think groomers are a good thing for our pets. Without groomers, our pets wouldn’t have dignity, and they would have health problems from mats in their fur. I see a lot of accidents to when people try to take grooming into their own hands.

That said, certain hazards can occur at the groomer’s, even if by accident. Lets take a look at some of these hazards for us all to keep in mind

The biggest hazard to worry about is the hanging collar they use to keep them still while cutting their fur.
Clipper Burns
Have you ever had a bad experience with your pet coming back from the groomers with their coat gouged in spots or cut too short or even noticed burns from the clippers. Some areas on an animal that are more sensitive than others, like the hind quarters, and if that is affected, the animal may itch quite frequently. There is a treatment called soothing lidocaine spray will help.
Soap in the Eye
Most of the time, groomers use a safe shampoo, but if that shampoo comes in contact with the animal’s eye, a corneal abrasion can occur.
The owner may notice the animal’s eyes are red and squinty, in which case he or she should seek attention from a veterinarian, who will treat the condition with eye drops.

‘Swimmer’s Ear’
I have been told by pet stores what groomers use to clean ears is Listerine. Think about that especially when their is natural products out on the market to make it as comfortable for your pet to have it’s ears cleaned. Suggestion, when you take your baby to the groomers next time ask what they use for ear cleaning.

Dogs with floppy ears that hang over the ear canal are prone to ear infections, so groomers have to be careful not to get water in them.

“They can get the equivalent of ‘swimmer’s ear,’ and it’s frustrating for dogs.”

Owners should watch for dogs that are scratching or pawing excessively at their ears, shaking their heads frequently, or have pain when the owner touches the ear. Also, if the owner manages to get close enough to the ear to look at it, the ear will look red in colour

Sometimes groomers will give animals sedatives, and disastrous results occur because of this. If your groomer offers to sedate your pet, say no.

“Sedatives should be administered only by licensed vets or by specific instructions for specific pets.

Animals have died by overdosing on sedatives given to them by groomers, as veterinarians have stated, they have seen animals so heavily sedated that he has had to intervene. Sometimes the drugs can be reversed.

Like just happened this week to poor little Brownie, it can happen in one way or another, whether it was by mistake or forgetfulness Having said that, yes the guy likely will loose his job but that won’t replace your beloved pet.

If I ever feel the need to take my Bridgette to the groomers, I am going to sit right there until she is done and watch.
What more can a person do other than worry about what is going on behind the scenes at the grooming salon, while your not there?

Your sacrifice will never be forgotten at Maltese Starz “Brownie Kumari” RIP





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