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Author: Lori

At 5 weeks old, Max had a fall and was paralyzed in the back half of his body. He had to be separated from his litter mates, and his momma Millie took care of him separately. After about a month, he started regaining the use of his legs. Every night his mom and I laid on the bed with him and moved his legs and tickled the pads of his feet, and sometimes did aqua therapy. Eventually he could stand, walk clumsily, and eventually even run, although he still falls over when he goes to fast. I got him this abominable snowman toy so he wouldn’t be lonely without his siblings. He is now 6 months old and still cuddles with it every night. Max still has little to no control over his bowels or bladder, but belly bands and diapers fix that. Max is only 4 pounds, but has the biggest personality! People come over at night just to watch him and be entertained. He steals all of his momma’s toys and snacks and carries them to a rug at the end of my bed. He makes the cutest trilling sound at us, and when he barks, he lays down, rests his head on the floor and barks. Max always looks like a train wreck, even when I try to comb and pull his hair up, just like his abominable does, they are such a pair. I am a child psychologist, and Max is going to become one too! We are starting to work on his part of the pet therapy requirements, I have already been one with my Goldens over the years. Even though he has disabilities, he is the light of his momma’s life and of mine!!!



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  1. Lori says:

    Wow, those pictures did not turn out right at all!

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