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Do you have trouble with tear staining with your Maltese?

We all do, why? Maltese is known for tear stains, it goes with the territory of owning one of these precious breeds.

I personally have owned Maltese for over 40 years and have found that you must keep up with this issue on a daily basis because it don’t go away without your help.

There are many factors that can contribute to tear staining in my opinion, but having said that there is also ways to help them to be stain free!

Water: drinking regular tap water will increase the cause of tear staining because of  the high mineral content. I would recommend bottled or purified water.

Some owners cut the hair around the eyes to eliminate the staining but that is just a temporary fix, within a few days you will notice the stains back again with the new growth and again those short hairs can irritate the eyes as they grow out pointing towards the eye ball. Not my recommendation!

 Antibiotics: antibiotics will help eliminate the stains but they can cause tummy upsets and even cause a loss of appetite, and more.  This happens to Bridgette my Maltese, when she has to go on antibiotics for any reason. Also if your Maltese is on antibiotics for a long period of time, it is said that their immune system gets immune to it and when needed for a more serious ailment then the antibiotic won’t take hold.  

There are several products available online, to stop tear staining and they do work, but many of them have an ingredient called Tetracycline which can cause severe upset tummies and is eliminated through the kidneys. I personally would rather live with the tear staining problem before I would use it.  If you still insist on using this ingredient, do consult your veterinarian first.

Yeast: a yeast infection can cause a reddish brown stain of the eyes.  The most common is called Red Yeast or Plyrosporin which can cause clogged tear ducts, have your pet checked professionally by a veterinarian. 

Health: genetics or simply just cutting teeth can cause tear staining.

Food:  with much research and experience, it is recommended to have a diet of gluten and grain free, no dyes or beet juice as an ingredient in their diet. I personally feed my Maltese a natural diet of no corn, grain free and she has no signs of tear staining.  Don’t forget to check out their treats/biscuits for no added colour.

Plastic food bowls is another culprit causing discolouring of the face. It’s recommended to use stainless steel or ceramic, as stainless steel is bacteriostatic and does not chip or break.

Each dog is different as some can tolerate some foods where the other cannot.  It is best to check your baby out for allergies with your vet.

Ear infections are another culprit that could cause excessive tearing and staining. It depends how this infection started but would be worth a trip to the vet immediately.  Keep the hairs cleaned out from inside of the ears and be upmost careful after a bath to be sure their ears are dried thoroughly afterwards.

My recommendation for tear staining and I have used this product for a very long time is I Lid n Lash, it’s an  effective gel uniquely formulated to provide a gentle and comfortable daily hygiene for lids and lashes. Reduces inflammation, gently removes residue and secretions to prevent tear stains and odours, and treats ocular inflammation, in one simple daily application without the risks of systemic antibiotics or harsh chemicals. No need to rinse.  

They come in two options, the gel or wipes. I personally use the gel but have had positive feedback on both. I invite you to try this product and tell us your comments about your results after using I Lid n Lash for a couple of weeks.






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