Maltese Diet and Basic Vet Care

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by Kimberly LeMaster


The amount of Maltese information specifically pertaining to the dietary and veterinary needs of the Maltese dog is very limited on the Internet as a whole.  It doesn’t matter if your canine companion is an adult dog or a little fluffy Maltese puppy, you should know the basic care requirements specific to the breed.


If you are keeping the best interest of your pet Maltese in mind, finding just the right diet to give your dog the right amount of body fuel is essential.  All basic health care starts with what your dog eats, so you want to make sure it’s the best diet you can afford.  Dogs being carnivores, not omnivores, as many believe, they are built to digest animal based foods with limited to no plant matter in their diet.  This means your dog will turn that protein into energy, making his body more efficient and preventing health problems later.


How do you find such a diet?  First of all, if you are feeding kibble read the ingredient label closely, and read it a second and third time!  If there is anything that says “by product”, or anything with corn, soy, wheat or rice in it, toss that food out right now!  These ingredients holds zero nutritional value and put a lot of junk into your dog’s body. This makes his liver work over time, causing long-term damage.


Make sure his diet has animal protein in the first three ingredients.  They should list the type of animal, not just ‘poultry’ or ‘animal fat.’  It should say “turkey,” “chicken,” “beef,” and so on.  If there are any ingredients that you don’t know what they are, chances are it is a chemical additive. These would not be needed if the real food ingredients had the proper nutritional value they should have had to being with. What seems like a great ingredient can quickly become junk if it is overly processed to the point of not holding any vitamins, proteins, fibers, or other essentials your dog needs to thrive.


For the Maltese specifically, you have to consider their smaller tummies and think about how to add as much nutrition per bite, so that every single one counts!  The raw diet is a natural diet in which not a single morsel is a waste for your dog’s body.  They can eat whole raw bones that are packed full of minerals; organ meats that help their own organs function at maximum peak, and muscle meat that’s full of manganese, vitamins, and just plain yummy for a pooch! Being a small dog, they are prone to teeth and gum disease. Giving food such as chicken drumsticks keep those teeth naturally pearly white, and no fussing over tooth brushing for you!


Diet is not the only thing your Maltese needs to thrive!  Routine preventative vet care, are also essential to your dog’s over all health.  Your puppy should be de-wormed and vaccinated at intervals to make sure he is fully immune to dangerous diseases that lurk in the canine world.  This not only protects him, but also helps other dogs from becoming infected by spreading a disease.


New research is suggesting that yearly re-vaccinating may cause more harm than good and that those shots given to your puppy may last him for life!  Talk to your vet about titer testing before allowing vaccinosis to occur in your pet Maltese.


Your dog will also need parasite prevention. This can come in many forms. Everything from all natural essential oil sprays to spot on treatments from your vet.  Even heartworm prevention comes in yummy (to the dog!) treats.  These are mostly safe, and should be decided upon after your own research, speaking with your vet, and taking into account where you live in the world!





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