Maggie McKendree

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Author: Lorraine McKendree
Lynchburg, Va

Maggie was 3 years old 9/4/14 and has never met anyone or anything that she doesn’t love. She is very friendly and has never met a stranger. Also, she is very smart earning her Canine Good Citizen just after turning 1 year old at 2 years old she passed her Therapy Dog International test. She visits a hospital, an adult day care and a retirement home every week. She is planning on spending the winter in Florida and will need to find some places to visit there. Maggie loves her mom and dad but since she spends all her time with her mom she doesn’t let her get out of her sight following her from room to room. Maggie is not into exercise preferring to be carried, however, on occasion she does run and can run really fast. She would much rather sit on her mom’s lap than eat so mom will pretend to be busy in the kitchen while she eats. As far as sleeping she is ready to go to bed early but will wait on mom and dad sometimes having to tell them it is time for bed. I always sleep all night never getting up before mom is ready. She does love mornings after going outside loves to snuggle up to mom while she drinks her coffee. She has never been fed from the table and is more than glad to sleep in moms lap at the table while she eats. Maggie has got to be the best dog in the world but this is just her mom’s opinion.



mckendee 2

Maggie Performing Her Therapy.

mckendie 1

Maggie and Her Mom



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  1. Bridgette says:

    It’s not hard to be proud of Maggie with her big heart to help others. I can relate to you Mom as a Maltese owner for many years now I feel very blessed to have two Maltese in my family. You are very gorgeous Maggie and keep up the good work melting everyone’s heart as you meet new friends.
    Maltese Starz.

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