How often should you clean your pets grooming tools?

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Clean Pets, Clean Grooming Tools



Mom, did you clean my brush and comb lately? Woof!

Who don’t like a clean pet? Let’s not forget about the grooming tools too.

It’s one thing to have a clean dog, cat or any pet; it’s another to groom your grooming tools.

For this particular article, I am going to be talking about the Maltese breed, as I have two of these gorgeous, intelligent babies and have owned a Maltese dog for over 3 decades now.





No use in trying to clean a dirty dog with dirty brushes, right?


Bridgette & Porkchop's Grooming Tools

Bridgette & Porkchop’s grooming tools

Everyday I brush my two Maltese, Bridgette and Pork-chop. They have grown to enjoy their own individual time together with only Mom. Starting with brushing teeth, checking ears, and overall checking for anything different on their bodies. With that all said and done it’s fun time……lightly brushing their beautiful shiny coat, yes they even lie down on their backs to let Mom brush underneath. It’s so soothing for them I am guessing; all I know is they lie there until I am finished grooming the underneath. And how I got them to that state of relaxation was a very long time, just introducing them on their back while I rubbed their bellies and combing at the same time, it can be done with a lot of patience and time on your part.


Getting back to cleaning the grooming tools. How often should it be done?

With me, they both have their individual brushes and combs.

A pin brush, wet and dry brush, wide tooth comb and a narrow tooth comb for cleaning their eyes after putting a dab of I Lid n Lash on the corner of their eyes to soften any gunk that has accumulated since the last time.


To be honest, at one time I never thought about cleaning the brushes and combs too often until one day I went to brush my baby after a long refreshing bath and noticed that the brush was all brown around the edge of the bristles. When I further investigated the brush by running it under water, quickly the brown stuff went to running goo. Well I wasn’t going to run that through this long white fur that I just spent time trying to get snowy white. So everything stopped until all the grooming tools were taken and cleaned with soap and water, rinsed with vinegar.


From that time onwards I make it a ritual to clean all the brushes and combs at least every other time I bathe my babies, which is every other week.

How often do you clean all the grooming tools for your doggie?


I would love to hear from you, by your comments below.




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