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  • Matese Dogs Leftovers

    Matese Dogs Leftovers

      Maltese Dog Digs Leftovers. It’s time to check out the dinner plate, Mom is busy doing the clean up. The minute your back is turned, meez finish the plate Maltese Style….. by licks and sips. Yum, yum, woof.      

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  • Maltese Snack Time

    Maltese Snack Time

        Big Cookie for a Tiny Maltese   What you eatin daddy? Can I have a taste too? Crunch, crunch, yummy, yummy. Can I have some more daddy?

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  • Dog Opens Bottles

    Dog Opens Bottles

    His name is Popcorn, and yes he can open a plastic bottle, but it’s not for nothing, he knows there is some reward if he screws the lid off and looks inside. He is not a Maltese but as intelligent like Maltese dogs.

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  • First Treat

    First Treat

    Princess Bella just got her first treat, a chicken flavoured treat. Looks like she wants to savour it for a while to make it last. She entertains herself a lot, and creates many laughs watching her play.

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  • Eat on Command

    Eat on Command

    What more can I say, This little video says it all. For a little person like this and as young as he is, it’s astonishing, how smart he is knowing not to touch his treat till he gets the okay and with it right under his nose.

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  • Never give up!

    Never give up!

    Look at that sorrowful face, wanting Mom to help him. Talk about determination, Cali has it for sure. In human life you have often heard about that saying “Never Give Up” I have lived my whole life on that belief, myself. And I have to say I have accomplished everything I have set out to do. So it does work…. Isn’t it great even a dog has the same philosophy has us humans. Way to go Cali!

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  • My Treat

    My Treat

    My favourite treat, I make it do what I want it to do before I eat it up. I fling it up into the air to see if I can catch it on the way down. I am so good at it now, I catch it every time. It took a lot of practice, but have plenty of fun. Thanks Mom for all the treats coming my way. I love you. Arrf, Charlie

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  • Moving Treats

    Moving Treats

    Woof, woof, stop whatever you are. You are taking my treat away from me. Woof, woof, Mom help me, it keeps moving on me. Yummy that was good. I see there is another treat on that moving gadget. I will get it sometime, woof, woof. I will never give up. Yum, Yum.

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  • Sniff, Sniff

    Sniff, Sniff

    I smell something good. Got to check this out. Where is it? Following the aroma now. If I take just one they will never know. Chew, chew, Hmm, that was so good, got to get more. Chomp, chomp. Yummy!!!!!! Mom where is the ketchup?

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  • My Maitre D

    My Maitre D

    Hello sir, I will be your maitre d this evening little guy. Ok that will be great, forget the main course just keep the corn chips coming my way. If you would like a good size tip, I would suggest that you bring my corn chips a bit faster and also in reach. Thank you maitre d. Just like human skin, a pet’s paws are delicate and sensitive and can become chapped in cold dry weather, or burnt on hot […]

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