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    The fairy tail world of the adorable and glamorous Maltese, once you have one in your family your world changes in many many ways… They are gentle, loving, obedient and well-mannered and have a fearless energy that makes them slightly more of a handful than your typical lapdog. But when playtime is over, they are superb cuddlers. Don’t you agree. Share your thoughts.

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  • Tiny Maltese Angel

    Tiny Maltese Angel

    Little Miss Molly getting acquainted to her playroom and keeping an eye out for anyone that may be watching her. Looks as though she is already potty trained to, only thing is she has the wrong facilities.

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  • Maltese puppy-so tiny

    Maltese puppy-so tiny

    Arrf, arrf, can I make it in there, maybe. My hind legs can’t crab on to push me up in there. Come on baby you can do it. Arrf, arrf I made it. We are a intelligent Breed, the Maltese!

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  • Mighty Tiny!

    Mighty Tiny!

    Hi Maltese Starz Fans, My name is Gypsy and I am a very tiny teacup Maltese puppy. Don’t let that worry you I am very mighty when it comes time to defend myself and Mommy is always near. I love to play around, romp, jump, chew and pull on bright colourful things. Even look at myself in the mirror, I am so adorable arff arff. Well I feel like going to my favourite barbie doll bed now. See you later […]

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  • I Want One!

    I Want One!

    If your in the market for a new member in your family than you may want to take a closer look at this clip. It is so difficult to just watch and not want to grab a hold of all of these adorable balls of fluff. There is a website available for these loveable puppies if you can’t resist at www.affordablepup.com

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  • Limousine  Ride

    Limousine Ride

    A luxurious ride is quite appropriate for this little cutie. Her name is Shu a beautiful baby faced Maltese at 3 months old in May. I did check them out and they do offer them for sale at http://www.jungpuppy.com After seeing this clip it wouldn’t take much convincing to add a new addition in the family for Bridgette. What do you think,should I?

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