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  • A Magic Maltese Life

    A Magic Maltese Life

    Daddy has a huge surprise, but is it well received? Oh daddy it’s raining in here. Oh yes, daddy ends up being a wizard in his eyes. Way to go Dad…..

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  • When Mamma’s Away the Doggies will Play

    When Mamma’s Away the Doggies will Play

    The kitty named Lemieux thinks he has two little fluffy toys to play with, at first Lemieux came out of nowhere like the mad Bomber. Go Puppy Go!!!! Dylan(puppy) sure gave Lemieux (kitty) a run for his money I would say, then they just fell in love!!!! The other doggie Kuma just watching thought I will not get involved in this one and stayed out of it. Do you think Dylan and lemieux fell in love?    

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  • Pop, Pop, Dog Gone It.

    Pop, Pop, Dog Gone It.

      He has played with this favourite ball for quit awhile. has spent a lot of time entertaining himself and having lots of fun. But, good things never last forever. When it Popped, he couldn’t believe it disappeared. It took several hours for him to give up looking for it.

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  • Peek a Boo, I See You!

    Peek a Boo, I See You!

      Maltese Dogs Playing Hide-&-Seek     Mochi trying to play with Sassy, but Sassy either can’t find him, or doesn’t want to play. Later Mochi announces that he was hiding under the bed with a kiss/lick.

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  • Pool Pawrty

    Pool Pawrty

        It’s Pool Pawrty Day!   To All the fluff balls, this is our day to have a pawrdy, The pool is all ours for the day, mom says. It’s a splashing good time, no matter what size you are, just bring your paw friends and Lets have a Pool Pawrty 

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  • Woof, woof, play Dad!

    Woof, woof, play Dad!

    Maltese Puppy wants to Play Dad! With all that barking going on, this little fluffy puppy keeps asking, “Are you watching me Dad?” Take notice how strong she is shaking that sock.  

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  • Maltese Puppy Race

    Maltese Puppy Race

     Maltese Puppies Fast as Lightning   This is a great exercise for all dogs, the rough and tumble spurts they get is so much fun to watch them. I have two Maltese now, they always get into these kind of moods to wear off their explosive energies and boy can they fly. ♥ ♥  

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  • Rompin Maltese Babies!

    Rompin Maltese Babies!

      Super cute and really funny to watch these Maltese puppy’s only a few weeks old wrestle and roll around!! To them the bed must seem like a gigantic place to romp around with them being so tiny. Soooo Cute..  

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  • Doggie Back Paddle Dance

    Doggie Back Paddle Dance

      Have you ever seen a doggie do the back paddle dance? Some call it the Moonwalk What would you call this dance?

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  • Flash Attack

    Flash Attack

      Will the flashing fish win? Like all paw kids, curiosity will get the best of them. But it’s cute to watch and see what they do!   

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