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  • Maltese Tobi’s Performance

    Maltese Tobi’s Performance

    Tobi has so many tricks that he would love to show us, from getting the owners hat to playing dead when his hears, Bang Bang… My Maltese Bridgette has several tricks that she does from rolling over, shaking her paw just to name a few.. I have found that the Maltese breed is very quick to learn, very personal and very devoted to the family…. Lets give Tobi an applause for his wonderful performance.

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  • My favourite Tricks, woof.

    My favourite Tricks, woof.

    Hi everyone, my name is Toby and I would like to show you some tricks that I have down pat… I enjoy doing the bam bam one and also closing the door for dad. Maybe I would get first place if I was in a competition for the best tricks of a Maltese? Tell me what you think if you agree with me click the LIKE and also Please SHARE so all my friends will get to see all the […]

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  • Sparky at the Park

    Sparky at the Park

    Meet Sparky, he’s a 5 mixed breed and one of a kind. Watch how sparky does all the slides, balance beams, and swings so perfectly. Looks as though he is purely enjoying himself.

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  • Maltese Got Talent Show

    Maltese Got Talent Show

      Richard Olate’s amazing dog act wows Sharon and the crowd. It doesn’t all depend on the dogs to learn an act, it’s their owners with the talent to train them and a lot of love, also months of practice would enable them to do such a cute and awesome performance.    

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  • Maltese Playing Fetch the Ball

    Maltese Playing Fetch the Ball

    Meet little Sophie, Sophie prefers to use one ball and can determine her favorite from a pile of seemingly identical balls. She’ll use another ball, but only if she has no choice in the matter. For now she is very contended with this ball all she wants to do is play ball.  

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  • Maltese Pup Education

    Maltese Pup Education

      It’s so easy to train and educated a Maltese to perform these tricks. The best part is that they are so eager to learn and show us what they can do and do it well. All it takes is some patience on our part and time,  but once learnt they never forget.

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  • Gustave’s Moves

    Gustave’s Moves

    Gustave’s mom and daddy is going to show us just how many tricks he can perform. I have given him a ten on a scale from 1 to 10 What number would you give little Gustave for his performance?

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  • Fluffy and Intelligent

    Fluffy and Intelligent

    They all know what they need to do to get that treat, Just takes a few sessions of training to teach them. Keep those treats handy and you will be amazed on what they are willing to do.

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  • Spinning Snowy

    Spinning Snowy

    This is so cute, Snowy showing daddy how she can do the turn around 2 for her favourite treat. Way to go Snowy.

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  • Paw Happy

    Paw Happy

    Good Morning Maltese Starz, My name is Conner and just stopping by to say Hi, to you all. Wishing everyone well and have a great doggie day….

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