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  • Maltese Pup Needs Help

    Post by Sarah Orner.

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  • Teething Doggie Chews

    Teething Doggie Chews

    This taste yummy so I am not giving up on trying to crab a chew. Mom says these chews are good for my teeth. Mommy next time when your at the doggie store, please pick up another chewy bone that is much smaller. Ok sweetie, I will do anything for you as long as you chew them. I will get two smaller ones for my little beauty. ok Thanks Mom.

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  • My Secret Place

    My Secret Place

    I have to hide my doggie bone. Got to find that perfect spot. There must be a secret place to put it so I can enjoy it later. Looks like Mom is watching so I must be careful. This looks like the perfect spot to put it. I will stash it here for later. It is so yummy, nobody will find it here……

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  • Grrrrrrr


    Grrrrr, I want some, that smells so good Hurray up and open that or I will take that from you and I’ll open it. Remember Mom and Dad says we must share the treats. Are you two fighting up there? Mom says. No we don’t fight, we just want to eat what’s in that bag, cause it smells so good. Mom he won’t open it so I can have a treat. Please help us.

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  • Tip It To Get It

    Tip It To Get It

    So smart and cute, some dogs would fling the bottle around all day trying to figure out how to get to the treats. So clever, but we know we have one of the smartest breeds ever. Don’t you agree?

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  • Give Me Bone Please

    Give Me Bone Please

    Poor William, 6 year old Maltese. William just wants to eat his bone, one of his favorite pastimes. But Little Ceasar, a 7 week old Chihuaha puppy has other ideas. Puppies have no fear and no clue as this video shows especially sharing their food. Don’t you agree

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