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  • Maltese Vocabulary

    Maltese Vocabulary

      A Talking Maltese   When Porkchop wants some attention or wants to say something to me this is how he talks. Do you think he gives up if I ignore him not in your life.  He is such a determined little guy you either stop everything when he wants your attention or he just gets louder and louder. This time he was telling me that he wanted down off the grooming table to play…. How does your baby talk […]

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  • Thank You Santa!

    Thank You Santa!

    Spoiled Maltese Puppies   Santa must of thought these two babies had been very well behaved all year. When Bridgette and Porkchop woke up Christmas Morning they found a whole toy box packed full of goodies and new toys. You will notice that Porkchop had his favourites as he would take them to his own bed, even today he only plays with the ones he choose.    

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  • Spray Me Mom!

    Spray Me Mom!

    Meet little Dolly, everyone likes their drink usually from a glass or dish, but Dolly prefers hers from the spray bottle and actually begs me for it every night. Not sure if she relates it as a game or not. Drives me crazy cause she won’t let up till I get spray it for her. What do you think, Why?

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  • Dancing With the Starz

    Come on everyone, shake a leg with me. Dee dee dom, shake shake rattle roll. Just keep up with the beat friends and shake a leg. I watched Mom and Dad do this step, it’s so easy to do. Shake a Leg……woof, woof.

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  • Puppy Maltese

    I am just 7 weeks old and love my little red toy. It goes everywhere I go. It bounces and I try to squeak it to make a noise. When I grow up a little more maybe I can get bigger toys that will talk to me. When they talk to me, I give them nose kisses. Can I give you a nose kiss to?

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  • Doggie Dreamland!

    Doggie Dreamland!

    Hey Mom, follow me. I am going to take you to Doggie Dreamland. Just follow me, I know where it is. I love it there! I have been down here by myself before, I just sniff my way down here. I seen this furry toy that I love, but the owner said, “I had to bring my Mom in to show you before I took it home”. Here it is mom, turn right here. This is “Doggie Dreamland”

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  • Not Me!

    Not Me!

    We must never tell on each other, right! No we have to stick together on this one…. Mom is going to be very upset with us when she finds out. When she asks who did this, we will have to all look pretty and stupid as if we don’t know what she is talking about,ok. Oh oh, she must of found it. Remember guys, just look pretty. OK, we will….

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  • Guilty As Charged

    Guilty As Charged

    This cute footage reminds me of when Bridgette has done something that she knows is completely wrong and tries to portray the poor me look. Especially when she has tipped the garbage can or has scattered the dirty clothes all over while I’ve been on some errands. I can always tell before I get to the evidence just by reading her body language or her sheepish looks that she gives when I arrive back in the house. Do you experience […]

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  • Frazzled?


    This is what happens to me when Mom decides to rub me the wrong way. I get all up tight and my hair will go all statically. Did you hear my Daddy laughing in the background? You wait till I get him home Dad, I will show you what I think about all this……LOL

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  • Our Newest Star

    Our Newest Star

    Our newest star here on Maltese Starz made it to Youtube. Mommy and Daddy is so proud of their little Maltese named Minnye, they wanted to share with us her bouncy and flamboyant nature. Way to go Minnye you are sure a beautiful little fluff ball.

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