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  • Maltese Starz Haunted House

    Maltese Starz Haunted House

      Have you every heard of a Maltese Haunted House? Some famous Maltese Dogs got together and created their own scary place to meet for Halloween. Thank you to all the Mom’s that helped make this production possible. Happy Halloween EbreyPawdy.

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  • All In The Maltese Dog’s Family

    All In The Maltese Dog’s Family

    Hey Mom, I found all the kids again, There all grouped up in this small compartment, but they all smell fresh again. I have to go in and talk to them all and see if they are upset with me. Because they were lost for some time today. Let me go in and see if they will talk back to me…. If you hear some squeaking noises, the kids are ok…… Woof, woof, Bridgette of Maltese Starz.  

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  • Maltese Rescue in Training

    Maltese Rescue in Training

      Although showing a  smile of pure happiness, Porkchop seems to have been lacking on how to play the normal games all doggies do. We have been training him to play our games that Bridgette and I have done since she has been a baby. He does watch us but haven’t caught on the fullest as of yet, Since he has come into our family’s lives, he has learnt to fetch the toy after I throw it. As a matter […]

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  • Bridgette and Porkchop Celebrating Together

    Bridgette and Porkchop Celebrating Together

    Bridgette and Porkchop is going to celebrate their first Valentines Day together. They have become the best of friends since we adopted little Porkchop back in Sept. last year. They also would like to wish all their furry friends and family the best and Happy Valentines Day.

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  • Maltese Starz Valentines

    Maltese Starz Valentines

    Happy Paw Valentines To All Our Fans at Maltese Starz   Members of Maltese Starz sending their Valentines wishes to all the fur-friends around the world.   If you would like to be their Valentine, click the LIKE button below.

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  • Porkchop, our Olympic Champion

    Porkchop, our Olympic Champion

    Porkchop has such an over abundance of energy now since his Dr. has him back to a healthy state, he needs to burn it off it some way. We play games around the house everyday fetching one of his furry friends. When he tires out he will take the furry friend and sneakingly tries to hide. We are hoping to some day enter him in to a doggie Olympic competition to raise money for the rescue organizations. Don’t you think […]

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  • Family Fun!

    A little video of the Brown family’s babies playing with each other on a typical day. Laurel, and Dewey the Maltese and the Yorkies. So many cuties and all well kept. Anyone like to share a video of their babies caught on camera? Please send them our way and we will pass it on to all our fans. Thanks Debbie Brown for sending this playful bunch in for us to watch. So Cute!

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  • Youtube All Starz!

    Youtube All Starz!

    Hey Mom, A bunch of us got together with Bridgette yesterday and came up with this funny idea, we can’t wait to show you. We didn’t have to do much just send Bridgette a photo to her office, and she had a stack of them for the month of January. We had so much fun doing this very first gig, Bridgette says we should do it again for the month of February. Mom, do you think we have a chance […]

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