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  • Santas Maltese Helper

    Santas Maltese Helper

      My very first Christmas to help Santa decorate the Christmas tree. Woof, Momma is Santa bringing us lots of squeaky toys? We’ve been very good doggies, And we will give him many nose kisses too.

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  • Maltese Faery Dog Mothers

    Maltese Faery Dog Mothers

      Precious and fluffy little Maltese and other mix went up for adoption in Oct. this year It so great to hear they are all in loving homes now.  

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  • Maltese Balls of Fluff

    Maltese Balls of Fluff

      Maltese puppies bouncing balls of fluff. How they bounce at each other to entice the other to play with them. Oh to have a bouncing little ball of fluff again would be just heaven, don’t you think. Maybe I should rescue another Maltese baby soon.  

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  • Maltese Dog Tiny Woof

    Maltese Dog Tiny Woof

      Tiny and cuddly, Maltese puppy barks sound so gentle but that is all the strength they have to make the sound at that puppy stage. They believe they are fierce and mean but only gentle and loveable.    

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  • Balls of Maltese Fluff

    Balls of Maltese Fluff

      Beautiful and only a few weeks old Maltese Puppies, full of energy and excitement. Love how they bounce like balls of fluff while they play.

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  • Maltese Boxer

    Maltese Boxer

    Enjoy the journey these little angels will take you on. From a Maltese Puppy to an adult Maltese, They will act as a puppy entirely through their adult lives. Oh and they love to box as long as they have a participate.

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  • Playful Green Maltese Puppy

    Playful Green Maltese Puppy

      Just a pup! A Maltese Puppy, Playful, energetic, inquisitive, white and fluffy. Her name is Paris and she never stops playing and entertaining herself with anything that she can get her paws on. Especially the plastic toys which she favours green too. She has two of these toys, one red and the other is green, she goes for the green every time.

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  • Maltese Life Bone

    Maltese Life Bone

      This little Maltese puppy will have this bone forever, it’s bigger than the puppy itself. But again there are two of the Maltese puppies so maybe between them both they can put a ding into it before they reach maturity. Or as they all do just use it as a toy…  

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  • Maltese Puppy’s House

    Maltese Puppy’s House

      Come here little puppy, I would love to hug and hold you. Feel your fluffy body and smell that fresh puppy breath. Arrf, arrf, Oh, and don’t you just love listening to those puppy barks?  

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  • Maltese PuppyLand

    Maltese PuppyLand

      Not sure if I have posted this sweetest little video of these tiny precious puppies but when I came across it this afternoon, I melted again and had to share it with you once more. They’re approximately 2 weeks old here, still twitching and actually eating some solid food… Oh that puppy breathe, I do miss it…

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