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  • How often should you clean your pets grooming tools?

    Clean Pets, Clean Grooming Tools     Mom, did you clean my brush and comb lately? Woof! Who don’t like a clean pet? Let’s not forget about the grooming tools too. It’s one thing to have a clean dog, cat or any pet; it’s another to groom your grooming tools. For this particular article, I am going to be talking about the Maltese breed, as I have two of these gorgeous, intelligent babies and have owned a Maltese dog for […]

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  • How To Talk To Your Dog!

    Reading Your Dog’s Body Language is the key to understanding and assessing her attitude, and knowing her next move. Just because they are non-verbal doesn’t mean that they can’t relay what they are thinking. Once you know the basic types of doggie language, you will enjoy and become totally aware by just observing your dogs interaction with people and other animals in various situations. Also you will be more adept to quickly understand and protect your dog from dangerous situations […]

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  • Raw Meat Diet for Dogs!

    Raw Meat Diet for Dogs!

      Dr. Karen Becker, a proactive and integrative wellness veterinarian, discusses why it is beneficial to feed your canine or feline a pet diet consisting of raw meat. I found this very informative and helpful, for some of us our babies are such fussy eaters and with so many different issues. Could this be the answer, well you tell me, what do you think?

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  • Life Saving Makeover

    Life Saving Makeover

    This will make you cry!!!! Little Maggie was recently staying in an L.A. Area Shelter. She does suffer from cataracts and was incredibly matted. Most shelter facilities are high kill and dogs that may be older and found on the streets aren’t given a proper chance. This makeover transformation allowed Maggie to look as beautiful as she is on the inside, on the outside. The good news is that after this makeover Maggie was adopted. Share this video to make […]

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  • Tear Stains and your Maltese

    Tear Stains and your Maltese

      Are you having tear stain issues with your Maltese? Tear stains are a common issue with our breed. The first recommendation is to give them bottled water only, and a high quality food diet with NO dyes, grains or food additives all plays a part in keeping those ugly tear stains away. I have included the links for your convenience below.        

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  • Sophisticated Maltese Doggie’s

    Sophisticated Maltese Doggie’s

    I never had the interest in breeding any of my Maltese, but I would of loved the end results. These two just needed some privacy of their own, well would you expect anything different coming from our sophisticated  breed?  

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  • Maltese Anxiety

    Maltese Anxiety

    Some may say that dogs don’t talk, well they certainly do in their own little way. This little guy is telling Mom that he wants to be held for what ever reason. They label it as Separation Anxiety, but with the correct way of handling separation anxiety in dogs, both the owner and the dog is content and happy. This book below helps to understand ways to accomplish a happy pet when left alone. A must read if you are […]

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  • We all love Coconut

    We all love Coconut

    Since I search out this product, I had to purchase some and try it. Both Porkchop and Bridgette would eat it out of the jar, they just can’t get enough of it. It’s an all around healthy supplement, and even makes my hands feel soft and silky. Since I have fed both Bridgette and Porkchop a daily dose of this organic coconut oil, the past two months now, I can’t help but notice their coats are shiny, silky and rich […]

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  • Informative for Itchy Paws

    Informative for Itchy Paws

    Dr. Karen Becker, a proactive and integrative wellness veterinarian discusses about pets foot soaks. Dr. Karen Becker shares tips on how to cure pets itchy and irritated paws. I will try this on Porkchop as well, although he is not as bad as he once was when he first arrived, but this certainly won’t hurt. It does make sense. right.

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  • Rescued and Contented.

    Although I had no plans on adding another Maltese in our family, when I saw photos of Porkchop online, (the first and third photo in this video) Something drew me to investigate further. The information stated, he had a history of bladder oxalate stones and the owners decided they couldn’t deal with the special diet he had to go on forever, so they took him to a shelter and dropped him and his sister off. After going through all the […]

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