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  • A Magic Maltese Life

    A Magic Maltese Life

    Daddy has a huge surprise, but is it well received? Oh daddy it’s raining in here. Oh yes, daddy ends up being a wizard in his eyes. Way to go Dad…..

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  • Maltese Dogs Personal Talk Show

    Maltese Dogs Personal Talk Show

    When school is out, you know how difficult it is to keep the kids occupied, right. Watch how much fun it can be when you have some imagination what Maltese dogs will do.

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  • Maltese Goes For Lunch

    Maltese Goes For Lunch

      This won’t surprise you as we already know that our breed is very intelligent. It is still so cute to watch them relay to us and sometimes they can show us very intensely what they want or thinking.

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  • Playing Maltese Fur Balls

    Playing Maltese Fur Balls

    Here is a family of Maltese puppies only a few weeks old showing their affections of one another, and the energy they have at all times… Don’t they just melt your heart when you watch them at play. Makes me wish I could reach into that computer and grab them all.

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  • Rock a Bye Baby Maltese Style

    Rock a Bye Baby Maltese Style

       Maltese Puppy Tender Moment   They just seem to know when they need to protect especially a family member. This little Maltese mix showing us how protective he can be.  Watch.

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  • Royal Maltese Puppy!

    Royal Maltese Puppy!

      Long Live the Maltese Puppy King! A king needs a crown and he loves his crown  more than anything else, hehe. Maltese puppies rule the world, yay. When you have a Maltese in your family, you let them be King or Queen of the household.  

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  • Maltese Determination

    This video reminds me of Bridgette, she will go to one of the dressers and lay their looking under it and stare at it until I come and see what she is doing. When she does this it’s guaranteed there will be something  that she can’t get and wants me to fetch it out. Usually it will be her favourite toy, the BALL. Post by Brandon Garrett.

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  • Grrrrrrr


    Oh Bella you are such a vampire doggie. What are you trying to tell us? You try to be so tough, but you’re really an angel in disguise. We love you Bella. Grrrr.

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  • Paw Happy

    Paw Happy

    Good Morning Maltese Starz, My name is Conner and just stopping by to say Hi, to you all. Wishing everyone well and have a great doggie day….

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  • Slippery Paw

    Slippery Paw

    Woof, is this a new toy Mom? It’s moving and making squeaky noises. We are not sure if we should touch it or snuggle it. It feels soft and smells like us. We will be gentle with it Mom. Lets just watch and see what it does.

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