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  • Maltese Stows His Halloween Stash

    Maltese Stows His Halloween Stash

      He worked very hard in the wet and rain going from door to door last night getting his stash of Halloween treats. This morning he decided that he would like to have a taste of one of his treats. Do you have to take the whole bag, Tiger?  

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  • Maltese Bumble Bug

    Maltese Bumble Bug

      Are your doggie getting ready for trick or treat in? Albi is getting accustomed with his outfit for the big night. The big Bumble Bee or Lady Bug, whichever it is. But don’t you think he deserves an oscar for being so enthused with whatever Mom wants to put him in?

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  • Perfect Gentleman!

    Perfect Gentleman!

    Well the big night is coming fast, Trick or Treaters, anyone? I’m still looking for someone to court on that night. Are there anyone that would like to join me? I would be happy to court you all. Put you name on the list and we will start at seven P.M. Oh, how do I look?

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  • Just for you Mom!

    Just for you Mom!

    Mom thinks we like to get dressed in these getups, but to tell you the real truth, Mees and Charlie are going to the motions, to keep Mamma happy. I Mamma not happy then we not happy, right? But wees know for sure the treats are yummy…..

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  • Princess Lady Bug

    Princess Lady Bug

    I don’t understand what all the fuss is about. It must be the get up that Mom put on me. I am just not enthused over all this, but I’m happy we are going out for treats. I wonder what kind of treats I’ll get. Do you know?

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  • Lady Bug Treatin!

    Lady Bug Treatin!

    My Minni is going trick or treating as a Lady Bug. She only goes to doors to people she knows, to be safe. We are just practicing until the big night, so she will get it right and know not to talk to strangers. What are you going to be or will tell us?

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  • Pumpkin Lick

    Pumpkin Lick

    My favourite time of the year is Halloween, I love the taste of pumpkin added to my food. Mom gives me homemade treats that has flavour of pumpkin. Mom says it is good for my health and makes me grow strong. Do you like the taste of Pumpkin?

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  • Trick or Treat!

    Trick or Treat!

    Buzz, Buzz, Buzz, I’m going out to trick or treat and all I want is doggie bones. I hope I don’t have to sting anyone, as long as the treats keep coming my way I won’t have to use my stingers. Watch for me on Halloween I will be coming to your house to see what goodies you have. I can’t wait to go trick or treatin.

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