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  • Tear Stains and your Maltese

    Tear Stains and your Maltese

      Are you having tear stain issues with your Maltese? Tear stains are a common issue with our breed. The first recommendation is to give them bottled water only, and a high quality food diet with NO dyes, grains or food additives all plays a part in keeping those ugly tear stains away. I have included the links for your convenience below.        

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  • Dog Experiencing True Bliss

    Dog Experiencing True Bliss

      Can you imagine our Maltese babies enjoying their bath like this? A belly rub at the same time as a bath, Is that the answer? Maltese is famous for wanting their belly rubs but at the same time, it hasn’t worked for me. LOL.

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  • Royal Maltese Dog!

    Royal Maltese Dog!

    Just like us humans, we all love to dolly up once and awhile. Our Maltese dogs are no different, For those special occasions,   Give them the royal treatment too!        

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  • Maltese Hairstyles

    Maltese Hairstyles

      Although it is still quite cold in some areas of the globe, Warmer temperatures are on their way. Like many of us we will be thinking of trimming our Maltese for the summer. Their are many different hair styles to choose from, which style would you prefer?  

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  • Oh No, HELP

    Oh No, HELP

    Some dogs will do what they need to do, not to get wet. I think if that was one of my babies, I would be spending some time, getting them comfortable enough to enjoy it first. What do you think?

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  • Maltese Maintenance-Grooming!

    Maltese Maintenance-Grooming!

    It’s so difficult to find a reputable and a good groomer to cut hair for our Maltese. When I watched this video I thought how cute is that for a Maltese Hairdo. I have never taken Bridgette to a groomers to this day but I wonder what she would look like in the style of cut. But back to reality, I am very proud of how her style is anyway, and it’s natural. Plus I couldn’t see her standing so […]

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  • Stickie Lollipop

    Stickie Lollipop

    Lollipop Rescue I am so blessed, with such a beautiful coat. But there are times when it works against me. I was having a treat this morning, so delicious but it seemed to disappear from me. Where is it? Mom, will you rescue me, please…..

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  • Dogs Rescued

    Dogs seized were small breeds such as Maltese, Yorkshire Terrier, Shih Tzu, and mixed breeds.   The Casselton Veterinary Clinic says it has more than 170 dogs seized from a Wheatland, North Dakota home.   Dogs have been Rescued The dogs are being checked one-by-one. Many of them have poor dental health, need to be clipped and cleaned. The vets say 140 of the dogs need shaving. Some could hardly move because of all the hair. Here we go again, […]

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  • I Need My Teeth Cleaned MOM!

    I Need My Teeth Cleaned MOM!

    There is a new fad in pet care and on the surface it may sound good. But as is often the case, this fad is potentially harmful for your pets, likely illegal and misleads the public. It is called Non-anesthetic dental scaling or “standing dentals”. It is so important to keep our pets teeth cleaned, only some of our pets don’t like it done. So we fall in the trap of not doing it, yes I am just as guilty […]

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  • Bathing Sis!

    Bathing Sis!

    Good Morning Blue, come on over here and talk to me your buddy Spritz. Chirp, chirp, coming. Oh goodness you look as though you could stand to have a lick down Blue. Lickety, lick. Oh thank you Spritz, feeling much better now. Chirp, chirp. Lets fly to Paris now and get some treats, what do you say Spritz. You coming with me. Be back later Dad, going to Paris with Blue.

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