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  • Flash of Fluff!

    Flash of Fluff!

    Now is this little ball of fluff got the spunk or not. She seems to know just where she must stop and where she can fly. Can you imagine what she could do with the wide outdoors. She would be gone in a flash of fluff.

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  • Freedom?


    I do swear all Maltese must all be the same, Bridgette will dig her way to the drivers side of the vehicle to get her nose out the window. I have never figured out why it has to be the drivers side either. But she loves to stick her head out the window will going down the road. Does your baby like to do the same thing? I am curious to just how many out there that does this same […]

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  • A Threesome!

    A Threesome!

    Pipi (alias “Pipito”) plays with Sunny (the black dog) and our guest Angel (the white Maltese). Sunny, who believes to be Pipi’s mom, keeps a watchful eye and protects her son. We watched them very closely to see what they would do. As always, Maltese are so delicate when playing but fearless.

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  • Look Out Sharks!

    Look Out Sharks!

    Little Milo is at it again. Is he going to lose this battle? Hmm, sharks is nothing to fool with, Milo.. They will swallow you up in one gulp. Oh Milo you are such an aggressive sniffer…. I wonder who wins?

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  • Maltese puppy-so tiny

    Maltese puppy-so tiny

    Arrf, arrf, can I make it in there, maybe. My hind legs can’t crab on to push me up in there. Come on baby you can do it. Arrf, arrf I made it. We are a intelligent Breed, the Maltese!

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  • Vet Kit?

    Vet Kit?

    Mom, did I hear that word vet? Me and the vet don’t get along too well. I remember having to go the last time and I come out lacking some teeth. If this is the specimen bottle for me, I would rather use it as a toy. Thanks Mom, My new toy….

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  • What’s On the Other Side?

    What’s On the Other Side?

      I am an explorer, no grass grows under my feet. I am so fearless, they say I am going to get myself into a bad situation some day. For now I only can see myself as exploring parts of the world that they try to keep me from. Fences don’t stop me.   What more can I say, nothing stops me from checking out what on the other side.

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  • Don’t Go Without Me Dad

    Don’t Go Without Me Dad

    Hey Dad, lets go for a ride. You drive and I will ride on your shoulder and check out the view. Hey dad, I see the cutest female over yonder. She is all decked out in a pretty dress. Stop dad, maybe she wants a ride too. She is really cute dad.

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  • What’s That in the Window

    What’s That in the Window

    You really don’t want to mess with me whoever you are out there. I may be tiny but I will bite your toes off if I have to, cause I’m the guard dog at this house. I dare you to come thru that door, if you only knew I’m the Master Maltese and if I need more help I will call all my friends at Maltese Starz, so don’t mess with me.

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  • Black and White

    Black and White

    Another version of two young playful, four legged creatures just romping and tumbling around and chasing each other. So much energy they have to use up and what better way to use it. Adorable playtime for them both and it just happens to be a black cat and maltese puppy. Wouldn’t they make a great couple to go out on Halloween together?

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