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  • Maltese Snow Day

    Maltese Snow Day

      In Georgia USA, typically it’s warmer than this but Marley and Disco seemed to enjoy running free with us in the woods.

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  • Let’s Go Mom!

    Let’s Go Mom!

    What a wonderful day to be free. I am going jogging on this beautiful Morning. Would you like to join me? Lets go Mom, Coooome,on Mom catch up.

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  • LightningBolt!


    Meet little Bambi, Her daily routine is getting outside to burn off some of that high energy that she is showing us. I have never clocked her speed but it looks as though we could not keep up to her if we tried. This is why we nicknamed her LightningBolt.

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  • Freedom


    Meet Leo and Louis, our little babies are always playing and fighting with each other. They love letting off steam on the race track that is one block away from our house. We take them there daily so they can feel some freedom and fresh air. They would rather go on the track than go for a walk around the block. With no leash they sure can pick up speed to.

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  • My best friend

    My best friend

    This little guy reminds me so much of Bridgette and most likely you will feel the same. Every day after supper when I go outside and she is always following me of course, I wouldn’t want it any other way.. She has got so accustomed to playing ball now, she looks for the squeaky toy in the yard. If she don’t see it, she looks at me as if to say, Well Mom, where is my ball? She forgets that […]

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  • Fun Exercise Tip!

    Fun Exercise Tip!

    A perfect workout for our Maltese or any pet, don’t you agree? All you would have to do is watch and enjoy our baby running around burning off steam. Although this activity would drive Bridgette crazy, maybe she would shed a couple of those extra winter pounds. Do you have a family pet in need of some weight loss? This could be the answer….

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