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  • Caesy the Maltese Doggie!

    Caesy the Maltese Doggie!

    Hi everypawdy, my name is Caesy. I live in Brugge, Belgium living a grand dawgy life. I love my life with my Mommy and Daddy, They say that we can get under your skin and steal your hearts and souls. Is that right? Meez don’t mind….

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  • I Will Give You Hope

    You can call us Miracle Workers but this is just what we do if you let us. We can make you fill the impossible that you wouldn’t think of just by having us in your lives. We just love being around people of all ages. We love you!!!!!

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  • I Wuv U

    I Wuv U

    We will not back down from no one, we are very well known as the fearless breed. When I feel like a kiss, I don’t let anything get in my way. I have a little hard time reaching you buddy, but I have a very strong urge and excellent strong back hinds. I Wuv U….Woof woof! Shared by member Nostos ETamo, the professional kisser.

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  • Internet Savy

    Internet Savy

    Two paws up for this working Maltese. Her job is to let our team know when we get messages here in the office. This little piece of video showing Ashely our Maltese, at work performing her duties. Today we have had many photos coming in, being delivered by the internet. Every time the door opens she says, Boss “We have another message coming in to us” She is awesome and I’m even considering on giving her a raise. What do […]

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  • Dear Lord I Pray

    Dear Lord I Pray

    Hi everyone, our names are Jaisan and Jia. We where taught at an early stage to be very grateful for every tiny thing in life. There are others of us that are not as fortunate. So we thank you Jesus everyday before each meal. We do know if we don’t say our grace before we eat, we could someday end up as one of the unfortunate canines in this world. God please hear our prayers and protect all of our […]

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  • Unconditional Love Never Gets Tiring

    Unconditional Love Never Gets Tiring

    To my Mommy and Daddy, If you ever find yourself lost in your human world. I’ll be there… When you are tired after a long hard day at the office. I’ll be there… If you ever feel blue, I will be there to guide you.. You will always have my shoulder when you cry… If you can’t fall asleep at night, I will sing a song beside you. If you ever forget how much you mean to me, everyday I […]

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